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Semifinal Game Picks

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By Carter Mansfield

We are now in the semifinals for all public school classifications, and there are twelve very good games across the state this week. Oakland will travel to Maryville in our Game of the Week in one of the state’s best rivalries over the last decade. Our guest picker this week is former Oakland and current UNLV offensive lineman Graham Keating. Keating went 53-3 in his high school career with the Patriots, along with two state titles. Let’s get into our staff’s standings and predictions for all twelve of this week’s games.

1. Carter Mansfield 129-73

2. Hunter DeNote 127-75

3. Isaac Leedham 124-78

4. Cooper Haines 120-72

5. Guest Picker 115-77

T-6. Landen Secrest 114-78

T-6. Braedon Henson 114-78

8. Jake Wallman 112-90

9. Kelsey Crabtree 109-93

Game of the Week

Oakland (13-0) at Maryville (13-0)

Mansfield: Oakland

DeNote: Oakland

Leedham: Oakland

Haines: Oakland

Keating: Oakland

Secrest: Oakland

Henson: Maryville

Wallman: Oakland

Crabtree: Maryville

Other Games

Summit (13-0) at Hendersonville (10-3)

Mansfield: Summit

DeNote: Summit

Leedham: Summit

Haines: Summit

Keating: Summit

Secrest: Summit

Henson: Hendersonville

Wallman: Summit

Crabtree: Summit

South Pittsburg (10-2) at Cloudland (12-1)

Mansfield: South Pittsburg

DeNote: South Pittsburg

Leedham: South Pittsburg

Haines: South Pittsburg

Keating: South Pittsburg

Secrest: Cloudland

Henson: Cloudland

Wallman: South Pittsburg

Crabtree: Cloudland

Upperman (12-1) at Elizabethton (11-1)

Mansfield: Elizabethton

DeNote: Elizabethton

Leedham: Elizabethton

Haines: Elizabethton

Keating: Elizabethton

Secrest: Elizabethton

Henson: Elizabethton

Wallman: Elizabethton

Crabtree: Upperman

Trousdale County (11-1) at Hampton (9-2)

Mansfield: Trousdale County

DeNote: Trousdale County

Leedham: Trousdale County

Haines: Trousdale County

Keating: Trousdale County

Secrest: Trousdale County

Henson: Trousdale County

Wallman: Trousdale County

Crabtree: Hampton

Giles County (12-0) at Alcoa (12-1)

Mansfield: Alcoa

DeNote: Alcoa

Leedham: Alcoa

Haines: Alcoa

Keating: Alcoa

Secrest: Giles County

Henson: Alcoa

Wallman: Alcoa

Crabtree: Alcoa

Powell (11-2) at Knoxville West (11-2)

Mansfield: Powell

DeNote: Powell

Leedham: Powell

Haines: Knoxville West

Keating: Powell

Secrest: Knoxville West

Henson: Knoxville West

Wallman: Powell

Crabtree: Knoxville West

Dyersburg (12-0) at East Nashville (9-4)

Mansfield: East Nashville

DeNote: East Nashville

Leedham: Dyersburg

Haines: East Nashville

Keating: East Nashville

Secrest: East Nashville

Henson: East Nashville

Wallman: East Nashville

Crabtree: East Nashville

Haywood (13-0) at Tullahoma (13-0)

Mansfield: Tullahoma

DeNote: Tullahoma

Leedham: Tullahoma

Haines: Haywood

Keating: Tullahoma

Secrest: Tullahoma

Henson: Tullahoma

Wallman: Tullahoma

Crabtree: Haywood

Westview (12-1) at Riverside (12-1)

Mansfield: Westview

DeNote: Riverside

Leedham: Westview

Haines: Westview

Keating: Westview

Secrest: Westview

Henson: Riverside

Wallman: Westview

Crabtree: Riverside

Peabody (11-1) at McKenzie (13-0)

Mansfield: McKenzie

DeNote: Peabody

Leedham: Peabody

Haines: Peabody

Keating: Peabody

Secrest: Peabody

Henson: Peabody

Wallman: Peabody

Crabtree: Peabody

Henry County (8-5) at Page (12-1)

Mansfield: Page

DeNote: Henry County

Leedham: Page

Haines: Page

Keating: Henry County

Secrest: Page

Henson: Henry County

Wallman: Henry County

Crabtree: Page

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