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Round Three Game Picks

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By Carter Mansfield

We are now in week three of the playoffs and we have a loaded slate of games. A pair of one loss teams make up our game of the week this week as Page (11-1) travels to Green Hill (11-1). Our guest picker is former Page quarterback and current Northern State tight end Jacob Van Landingham. Van Landingham threw for over 2,000 yards in his career at Page, before starting his college career at Virginia Tech. He spent two seasons with the Hokies before transferring to Northern State. Let’s get into our staff’s standings and picks.

T-1. Carter Mansfield 118-69

T-1. Hunter DeNote 118-69

3. Isaac Leedham 115-72

4. Cooper Haines 109-78

5. Guest Picker 107-80

6. Landen Secrest 105-82

7. Braedon Henson 104-83

8. Kelsey Crabtree 103-84

9. Jake Wallman 102-85

Game Of The Week

Page (11-1) at Green Hill (11-1)

Mansfield: Page

DeNote: Green Hill

Leedham: Page

Haines: Page

Van Landingham: Page

Secrest: Green Hill

Henson: Page

Crabtree: Page

Wallman: Green Hill

Other Games

Beech (9-3) at Hendersonville (9-3)

Mansfield: Hendersonville

DeNote: Beech

Leedham: Beech

Haines: Hendersonville

Van Landingham: Beech

Secrest: Hendersonville

Henson: Beech

Crabtree: Beech

Wallman: Hendersonville

Ravenwood (10-2) at Summit (12-0)

Mansfield: Summit

DeNote: Summit

Leedham: Summit

Haines: Summit

Van Landingham: Ravenwood

Secrest: Summit

Henson: Summit

Crabtree: Ravenwood

Wallman: Summit

Knoxville Central (8-3) at Knoxville West (10-2)

Mansfield: Knoxville West

DeNote: Knoxville West

Leedham: Knoxville West

Haines: Knoxville West

Van Landingham: Knoxville Central

Secrest: Knoxville West

Henson: Knoxville Central

Crabtree: Knoxville West

Wallman: Knoxville West

DCA (10-1) at USJ (9-2)

Mansfield: USJ

DeNote: DCA

Leedham: DCA

Haines: USJ

Van Landingham: USJ

Secrest: DCA

Henson: DCA

Crabtree: DCA

Wallman: DCA

Elizabethton (10-1) at Greeneville (12-0)

Mansfield: Greeneville

DeNote: Greeneville

Leedham: Greeneville

Haines: Greeneville

Van Landingham: Greeneville

Secrest: Greeneville

Henson: Greeneville

Crabtree: Greeneville

Wallman: Elizabethton

Pearl-Cohn (11-1) at Tullahoma (12-0)

Mansfield: Pearl-Cohn

DeNote: Pearl-Cohn

Leedham: Pearl-Cohn

Haines: Pearl-Cohn

Van Landingham: Pearl-Cohn

Secrest: Pearl-Cohn

Henson: Tullahoma

Crabtree: Pearl-Cohn

Wallman: Pearl-Cohn

Giles County (11-0) at Loudon (11-1)

Mansfield: Giles County

DeNote: Loudon

Leedham: Loudon

Haines: Giles County

Van Landingham: Giles County

Secrest: Giles County

Henson: Loudon

Crabtree: Giles County

Wallman: Giles County

Covington (9-2) at Dyersburg (11-0)

Mansfield: Covington

DeNote: Dyersburg

Leedham: Dyersburg

Haines: Covington

Van Landingham: Dyersburg

Secrest: Dyersburg

Henson: Dyersburg

Crabtree: Covington

Wallman: Covington

Trousdale County (10-1) at Watertown (9-3)

Mansfield: Trousdale County

DeNote: Trousdale County

Leedham: Watertown

Haines: Trousdale County

Van Landingham: Trousdale County

Secrest: Watertown

Henson: Trousdale County

Crabtree: Trousdale County

Wallman: Trousdale County

MAHS (11-1) at Westview (11-1)

Mansfield: Westview

DeNote: MAHS

Leedham: Westview

Haines: Westview

Van Landingham: Westview

Secrest: Westview

Henson: MAHS

Crabtree: MAHS

Wallman: Westview

Gordonsville (11-1) at South Pittsburg (9-2)

Mansfield: South Pittsburg

DeNote: South Pittsburg

Leedham: South Pittsburg

Haines: South Pittsburg

Van Landingham: Gordonsville

Secrest: Gordonsville

Henson: South Pittsburg

Crabtree: South Pittsburg

Wallman: South Pittsburg

McKenzie (12-0) at Fayetteville (11-1)

Mansfield: McKenzie

DeNote: McKenzie

Leedham: Fayetteville

Haines: McKenzie

Van Landingham: McKenzie

Secrest: Fayetteville

Henson: Fayetteville

Crabtree: Fayetteville

Wallman: Fayetteville

Christian Brothers (8-4) at MBA (8-3)

Mansfield: MBA

DeNote: MBA

Leedham: MBA

Haines: MBA

Van Landingham: MBA

Secrest: MBA

Henson: MBA

Crabtree: Christian Brothers

Wallman: Christian Brothers

CPA (10-2) at Lausanne (8-1)

Mansfield: CPA

DeNote: CPA

Leedham: CPA

Haines: CPA

Van Landingham: CPA

Secrest: CPA

Henson: CPA

Crabtree: CPA

Wallman: CPA

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