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stateoftennesseehsfb.com's DII-A All-State Team

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By Carter Mansfield

Here is the stateoftennesseehsfb.com DII-A All-State Team! Every head coach in DII-A was given the opportunity to nominate players. This factors in nominations from coaches, statistics, and film.


QB: Aaron Smith, JCS, Sr.

QB: Jared Vetetoe, Davidson Academy, Sr.

QB: Aden Hooper, MTCS, Jr.

RB: Jon Lewis, DCA, Sr.

RB: Griffin Swinea, Davidson Academy, Sr.

RB: Martease Edwards, NCS, Sr.

RB: Blake Barton, Franklin Grace, Sr.

WR: Jachim Williams, TKA, Sr.

WR: Peyton Tinsley, JCS, Sr.

WR: Steele Haynes, USJ, Jr.

WR: Kelvi Rice, Davidson Academy, Sr.

OL: Aidan Francis, DCA, Jr.

OL: Joshua Jones, USJ, Jr.

OL: JP Oliver, Trinity Christian, Sr.

OL: Darian List, NCS, Sr.

OL: Jalen Brockman, Davidson Academy, Jr.

ATH: Nakelin McAfee, TKA, Jr.

ATH: Drew Porter, Friendship Christian, Sr.

K: Neil Kane, Friendship Christian, Sr.


DL: Blaine Verdung, USJ, Sr.

DL: Kendyle Ball, Davidson Academy, Jr.

DL: Harris Adams, NCS, Sr.

DL: Riley Stanton, DCA, Sr.

LB: AJ Quinn, Davidson Academy, Sr.

LB: Brady Russell, DCA, So.

LB: Kytn Wolf, Franklin Grace, Sr.

LB: Tacker Nash, JCS, Jr.

DB: Tyke Tabor, USJ, Sr.

DB: Julius Orr, Davidson Academy, Sr.

DB: Garrett Weekly, TKA, So.

DB: Jamarion Thomas, MJCA, Jr.

P: Ben Pledger, USJ, Jr.


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