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Week 4 Game Picks

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By Staff

Week 4 of the high school season is upon us, and this slate is loaded with tough non-region matchups. Our guest picker this week is last year’s Mr. Football winner in Class 3A, former Alcoa quarterback Caden Buckles. Let’s get into the standings and picks.


T-1. Isaac Leedham 18-12

T-1. Carter Mansfield 18-12

T-3. Kelsey Crabtree 17-13

T-3. Isaac Lutrell 17-13

T-5. Hunter DeNote 16-14

T-5. Cooper Haines 16-14

7. Guest Picker 15-15

8. Braedon Henson 14-16

Game of the Week

3A #1 Alcoa (3-0) at 6A #2 Maryville (3-0)

Leedham: Maryville

Mansfield: Maryville

Crabtree: Maryville

Lutrell: Maryville

DeNote: Maryville

Haines: Maryville

Buckles: Alcoa

Henson: Maryville

Other Games

DII-AA #3 CPA (2-1) at DII-AAA #1 MBA (3-0) (Thu.)

Leedham: MBA

Mansfield: MBA

Crabtree: CPA

Lutrell: MBA

DeNote: MBA

Haines: MBA

Buckles: MBA

Henson: MBA

6A #1 Oakland (3-0) at 6A #5 Ravenwood (2-1)

Leedham: Oakland

Mansfield: Oakland

Crabtree: Ravenwood

Lutrell: Oakland

DeNote: Oakland

Haines: Oakland

Buckles: Oakland

Henson: Oakland

DII-AAA #4 Pope John Paul II (3-0) at 6A #7 Independence (2-1)

Leedham: JP2

Mansfield: JP2

Crabtree: Independence

Lutrell: JP2

DeNote: JP2

Haines: JP2

Buckles: JP2

Henson: JP2

1A #2 Fayetteville (3-0) at 4A #6 Upperman (3-0)

Leedham: Upperman

Mansfield: Fayetteville

Crabtree: Upperman

Lutrell: Upperman

DeNote: Fayetteville

Haines: Fayetteville

Buckles: Upperman

Henson: Fayetteville

DII-AAA #5 Brentwood Academy (3-0) at 6A #12 Whitehaven (2-1)

Leedham: Brentwood Academy

Mansfield: Brentwood Academy

Crabtree: Brentwood Academy

Lutrell: Brentwood Academy

DeNote: Brentwood Academy

Haines: Whitehaven

Buckles: Brentwood Academy

Henson: Brentwood Academy

DII-A #2 Franklin Grace (2-0) at DII-A #1 Friendship Christian (3-0)

Leedham: Friendship Christian

Mansfield: Friendship Christian

Crabtree: Friendship Christian

Lutrell: Friendship Christian

DeNote: Friendship Christian

Haines: Friendship Christian

Buckles: Friendship Christian

Henson: Friendship Christian

4A #4 Hardin County (3-0) at DII-A #4 USJ (2-1)

Leedham: Hardin County

Mansfield: Hardin County

Crabtree: USJ

Lutrell: Hardin County

DeNote: USJ

Haines: Hardin County

Buckles: Hardin County

Henson: Hardin County

2A #1 Decatur Riverside (3-0) at 2A #5 Huntingdon (2-1)

Leedham: Riverside

Mansfield: Riverside

Crabtree: Huntingdon

Lutrell: Huntingdon

DeNote: Riverside

Haines: Riverside

Buckles: Huntingdon

Henson: Huntingdon

DII-AA #9 Evangelical Christian (2-1) at DII-A #3 Jackson Christian (2-0)

Leedham: ECS

Mansfield: ECS

Crabtree: Jackson Christian

Lutrell: ECS

DeNote: Jackson Christian

Haines: Jackson Christian

Buckles: Jackson Christian

Henson: ECS

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