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Top 5 Mr. Football Candidates Going Into 2021

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By Carter Mansfield

Some people may think it's too early to start discussing Mr. Football candidates for next season, but with the offseason being slow, I decided to release my first list of top candidates for Mr. Football in 2021. Here they are:


  1. Jordan James, RB, Oakland                              Reason: James was an All-State running back last season, and really found his groove towards the end of the season, before winning state championship MVP.
  2. Destin Wade, QB, Summit                                  Reason: Wade was a 5A Mr. Football finalist last season, and should be able to carry over that success in 6A.
  3. Isaiah Horton, WR/DB, Oakland                       Reason: Horton is a problem on both sides of the ball, and being elite both ways goes a long way towards Mr. Football.
  4. Carson Jones, QB, Maryville                            Reason: Jones was named all-state last season by the TNFCA, and will be heavily relied on by one of the state's best programs.
  5. Chris Parson, QB, Ravenwood                         Reason: Parson will most likely be the guy for a high-powered Ravenwood offense, in which he will thrive.


  1. Jordyn Potts, QB, Powell                                      Reason: Potts was a Mr. Football semifinalist last year, and should increase his production, along with having a better team in 2021.
  2. De’Sean Bishop, RB, Karns                              Reason: Bishop was a star for Karns in 2020, and was a consensus all-state pick as a sophomore.
  3. Ryan Damron, QB, Henry County                     Reason: Damron is a dynamic passer, who will put up big numbers for a team who will compete for a state title in Henry County.
  4. Shannon Blair, WR/DB, Knoxville West              Reason: Blair is dynamic on both sides of the ball for West, and will be the key factor for a West team that will be state title contenders.
  5. Samson Johnson, RB, Nolensville                     Reason: Johnson was the workhorse for Nolensville last season, and his usage and production will only go up in 2021.


  1. Bryson Rollins, QB, Elizabethton                       Reason: Rollins was a Mr. Football finalist last season, and has two state championships under his belt already. He is the easy favorite in 4A for 2021.
  2. Anthony Brown, WR/DB, Milan                          Reason: Brown was a Mr. Football finalist last year in 3A, as he led Milan to a state championship appearance.
  3. Shawn Gary, RB, South Doyle                            Reason: Gary had a monster season last year for the Cherokees, as he led them to a 5A semifinal appearance.
  4. Kaydin Pope, WR/DB, Hardin County               Reason: Pope was one of the best receivers in the state last season, and is my pick to lead the state in receiving yards next year.
  5. Isiah McClaine, RB, Lexington                        Reason: McClaine was one of the state’s biggest breakout players, and carried Lexington all the way to the state semifinals last season.


  1. Caden Buckles, QB, Alcoa                                   Reason: Buckles was the state championship game MVP last season for Alcoa, and will get a full season at quarterback this year.
  2. Will Page, QB, Stewart County                           Reason: Page was an all-state quarterback last season, and will be one of the favorites for Mr. Football if he can improve his numbers at all.
  3. Keaton Harig, QB, Loudon                                  Reason: Harig will most likely see his statistical production increase from an all-state caliber season in 2020 for a top 3A program.
  4. Jacob Dooley, QB, Waverly                                   Reason: Dooley had over 2,000 total yards in 2020, and if Dooley can match or improve upon that production, he will definitely be a Mr. Football contender in 2021.
  5. D’Arco Perkins, DB/WR, Stratford                  Reason: Perkins has picked up several power five offers over the offseason, and will be a do-it-all athlete for Stratford in 2021.


  1. Ty Simpson, QB, Westview                                 Reason: Simpson is one of the top recruits in the state, and was a Mr. Football semifinalist in 3A last season.
  2. Luke Myers, QB, South Greene                          Reason: Myers was a Mr. Football finalist last season for a very good South Greene program.
  3. Taylor Groves, WR/DB, East Robertson          Reason: Groves is committed to Michigan, and will be a do-it-all athlete for East Robertson in 2021.
  4. Cameron Miller, WR/DB, MAHS                        Reason: Miller is a four star recruit, and will play in multiple different roles for a MAHS team that will be very good in 2021.
  5. Logan Carroll, QB, Meigs County                     Reason: Carroll lead Meigs County to a state title game in 2020, and will see his usage go up even more in 2021.


  1. Khalik Ganaway, RB, Peabody                            Reason: Ganaway won Mr. Football in 2A last season, so he is a clear favorite in 1A for the 2021 season.
  2. KJ Jackson, RB, Fayetteville                              Reason: Jackson ran for 1,000+ yards last season as a freshman, and really broke out in the state championship game for Fayetteville, winning MVP honors.
  3. Deandre Kelly, RB, South Pittsburg                     Reason: Kelly battled injuries last season, but has the potential to be a very solid replacement for Hunter Frame in 2021.
  4. Emmett Hegland, QB, Midway                             Reason: Hegland threw for over 2,500 yards in 2020, and will definitely be in the Mr. Football conversation if he improves on that production in 2021.
  5. Gio Davis, DL, South Pittsburg                             Reason: Davis has picked up several power five offers through the offseason, and will put up monster stats for a defensive lineman in 2021.


  1. Dallan Hayden, RB, Chrisitan Brothers        Reason: Hayden won Mr. Football in 2020, and will probably not see any kind of dip in production in 2021.
  2. Marcel Reed, QB, MBA                                         Reason: Reed has been the starting quarterback for MBA since his freshman season, and will put up monster numbers in 2021.
  3. Kaden Martin, QB, Knoxville Catholic         Reason: Martin should put big numbers for a Catholic team that will contend for a state title in 2021.
  4. Kenny Minchey, QB, JP2                                      Reason: Minchey broke out for JP2 last season, and will put up big numbers in his first full season in 2021.
  5. Walter Nolen, DL, SBA                                        Reason: Nolen is a consensus five star prospect, and will be dominant on the defensive line for SBA in 2021.


  1. Alex Broome, RB, Lipscomb Academy               Reason: Broome was a Mr. Football semifinalist last season, even after missing several games due to transfer rules.
  2. Langston Patterson, RB/LB, CPA                        Reason: Patterson was a Mr. Football finalist last season for CPA, and is a star on both sides of the ball.
  3. James Dunn, RB, CAK                                       Reason: Dunn was a Mr. Football finalist last season, and will only see his offensive production go up in 2021.
  4. Cade Law, QB, CPA                                           Reason: Law was the state championship game MVP for CPA last season, after leading the Lions to a state title.
  5. Luther Richesson, QB, Lipscomb Academy   Reason: Richesson really got hot towards the end of the season for Lipscomb Academy in 2020, and will look to continue that success into 2021.


  1. Nakelin McAfee, RB, TKA                                   Reason: McAfee was a Mr. Football semifinalist in 2020, and will be the star of TKA’s offense once again in 2021.
  2. Steele Haynes, WR/LB, USJ                               Reason: Haynes had 92 tackles, along with 871 receiving yards in 2020, and will continue to be a force on both sides of the ball for USJ in 2021.
  3. Garrett Weekly, QB/DB, TKA                              Reason: Weekly filled in very well at quarterback for TKA last season, to go along with seven interceptions on the defensive side of the ball.
  4. Aden Hooper, QB, MTCS                                     Reason: Hooper was named to the all-state team by the TNFCA last season, and should see his production increase in 2021.
  5.  Kam Boyd, RB, JCS                                           Reason: Boyd will see his production and usage skyrocket in 2021, as JCS will most likely run the ball more with the graduation of star quarterback, Aaron Smith

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