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Silverdale Upsets Boyd Buchanan

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By Shayne Pickering

There is nothing like the environment of a rivalry football game on Friday night! The stadium was packed with thousands of fans trying to see the rivalry between Boyd Buchanan and Silverdale. They were treated to one of the better games of the year to date!

Silverdale’s student section celebrates (Credit: Silverdale Baptist Academy)

The Buccaneers came into this game toting an undefeated 4-0 record and the level of confidence within the program was at the highest it has been at in a while. The Silverdale Seahawks came in with a 2-2 record and hungry for a high-profile win. As is common in an emotional rivalry game, both sides came in with their best game plan and an opened up offensive playbook helped lead the Seahawks to a victory on Friday night.

Silverdale QB Brett Rogers celebrates the victory with his lineman

The game couldn’t have started any better for Silverdale. After the defense forced a 3 and out, the offense put together an eleven play drive that ending with WR Turner Junkins throwing the ball back to QB Brett Rogers for a 16 yard score. Following the score and down 7-0, Boyd fumbled the kickoff, giving Silverdale the ball back in Bucaneers’ territory.

Boyd’s defense stood tall, however, forcing a missed field goal to stay in the game. After another impressive stand by Silverdale’s defense, the score would stay at 7-0 after one quarter.

Silverdale quickly scored to start the 2nd quarter, finishing a five play drive with an 8 yard touchdown rush from Brody Lamb. Boyd would answer with a 24 yard touchdown reception by Brohns Donaldson on 4th down to cut the lead to 7. Boyd’s defense forced a 4th down, but Lamb was not done! He came through big, converting the 4th down and later a 13 yard touchdown rush. Silverdale missed the extra point, which came up big later.

Star RB Jaylen Sanderfer finished a 10 play drive that ate the rest of the clock in the 1st half with a 5 yard touchdown rush. After the Sanderfer touchdown, Silverdale led 20-14 at the half.

Silverdale got the ball to start the second half and was driving down the field, looking to extend the lead to two scores. After four straight stops inside the 5 yard line, Boyd’s defense gave their offense the ball back at their own 1 yard line down a touchdown. Going 99 yards on a defense that had played great seemed like a daunting task for the Bucs offense but on the first play, Jaylen Sanderfer ran 99 yards to silence the crowd and tie the game. The extra point put Boyd up 21-20 with 8:32 left in the 3rd quarter.

Silverdale again turned the ball over on downs in Bucaneers’ territory following the Sanderfer touchdown. After the 3rd quarter, Boyd Buchannan was up 21-20.

With 11:17 left in the game, Boyd got the ball back at their 49 yard line with a chance to extend their lead. Silverdale’s defense stood tall, though, stopping the Bucaneers on 4th and 1 at the Seahawks 28.

Silverdale had the chance to drive down the field and take the lead, but Bucs’ senior DB Kenny Bell stripped the ball out of Brett Rogers’ hands, giving Boyd the ball back with 6:56 left in the game.

Silverdale’s defense came through clutch, forcing a 3 and out to give their offense one last chance to score with 4:52 left in the game.

Star QB Brett Rogers would have to take the Seahawk offense 77 yards in a one possession, rivalry game with fans on the edge of their seat. All eyes were on him and he delivered. A huge 3rd down conversion throw to junior wideout Caiden Botts and a 33 yard pass to senior Cameron Bowen set up the Seahawks at the 2 yard line with 2:29 to go. Brody Lamb would finish the drive with a 2 yard touchdown rush, giving him 3 rushing touchdowns for the game. Rogers would run in the 2 point conversion giving the Seahawks a 28-21 lead.

The Bucs were left with one last chance to score with 2:29 left. The game looked to be over after a big penalty pushed Boyd behind the sticks and ultimately putting them in a 4th and 19. Senior wide receiver Brons Donaldson would pick up an extremely clutch 42 yards on that 4th down putting the Bucs in Seahawk territory with under a minute left.

After a positive 1st down play, the Bucs were in the red zone with 37 seconds left to play. Silverdale senior linebacker Chase Manning would come up with a huge tackle for loss on 2nd down putting the run-first Bucs in an obvious passing situation on 3rd down. An incompletion on 3rd down and a false start penalty forced a 4th and 12 from the Seahawk 25 with 10 seconds left to play.

On 4th down, Lamb came through once again added pressure and forced a Boyd throw into double coverage, forcing an incompletion and turnover on downs with 1 second on the clock.

A Silverdale kneeldown ended the game giving the Seahawks an impressive 28-21 win over archrival Boyd Buchannan that was broadcasted by The CW Chattanooga. “We don’t lose on TV!” said the emotional senior lineman Davis Wells after the game.

Silverdale Head Coach Mike Connor addresses his team after the emotional win

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