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Round 3 Game Picks

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By Staff

We are currently in the third round of the TSSAA Playoffs, which is the quarterfinal stage for Division One and the semifinal stage for Division Two. There are two quarterfinal games between undefeated teams that were the consensus top-two teams in their classifications coming into the playoffs, Fayetteville at McKenzie in Class 1A and Greeneville at Anderson County in 4A. Let’s get into our staff’s standings and picks.


1. Carter Mansfield 93-42

2. Cooper Haines 91-44

3. Isaac Leedham 90-45

4. Hunter DeNote 88-47

5. Kelsey Crabtree 84-51

6. Isaac Lutrell 82-53

7. Braedon Henson 77-58

Game of the Week

Fayetteville (12-0) at McKenzie (12-0)

Mansfield: Fayetteville

Haines: McKenzie

Leedham: Fayetteville

DeNote: McKenzie

Crabtree: McKenzie

Lutrell: McKenzie

Henson: McKenzie

Other Games

Tyner Academy (11-1) at East Robertson (11-1)

Mansfield: Tyner Academy

Haines: Tyner Academy

Leedham: Tyner Academy

DeNote: Tyner Academy

Crabtree: Tyner Academy

Lutrell: Tyner Academy

Henson: East Robertson

East Nashville (10-2) at Smith County (11-1)

Mansfield: East Nashville

Haines: East Nashville

Leedham: East Nashville

DeNote: East Nashville

Crabtree: Smith County

Lutrell: East Nashville

Henson: East Nashville

Greeneville (12-0) at Anderson County (12-0)

Mansfield: Greeneville

Haines: Greeneville

Leedham: Anderson County

DeNote: Greeneville

Crabtree: Greeneville

Lutrell: Greeneville

Henson: Greeneville

Page (10-2) at Nolensville (12-0)

Mansfield: Nolensville

Haines: Nolensville

Leedham: Nolensville

DeNote: Nolensville

Crabtree: Nolensville

Lutrell: Page

Henson: Page

Springfield (10-2) at Henry County (10-2)

Mansfield: Henry County

Haines: Henry County

Leedham: Henry County

DeNote: Henry County

Crabtree: Henry County

Lutrell: Henry County

Henson: Springfield

Germantown (10-2) at Bartlett (10-2)

Mansfield: Bartlett

Haines: Bartlett

Leedham: Bartlett

DeNote: Germantown

Crabtree: Germantown

Lutrell: Germantown

Henson: Bartlett

USJ (10-1) at Friendship Christian (11-0)

Mansfield: USJ

Haines: USJ

Leedham: Friendship Christian

DeNote: Friendship Christian

Crabtree: USJ

Lutrell: Friendship Christian

Henson: Friendship Christian

McCallie (10-2) at MBA (11-0)

Mansfield: McCallie

Haines: MBA

Leedham: MBA

DeNote: MBA

Crabtree: MBA

Lutrell: MBA

Henson: MBA

Baylor (9-2) at Brentwood Academy (9-2)

Mansfield: Baylor

Haines: Baylor

Leedham: Baylor

DeNote: Baylor

Crabtree: Baylor

Lutrell: Baylor

Henson: Brentwood Academy

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