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Coverage for all of Tennessee High School Football

Week 6 Game Picks

We are just a little bit past the halfway point of the high school football season, and we have another good slate of games here in Week 6. Our guest picker is former Houston and current Texas State running back Lincoln Pare. Pare won the 6A Mr. Football award in 2019 with the Mustangs, rushing for 2,804 yards as a senior. Let’s get into the standings and the picks. 1. Hunter DeNote 33-17 T-2. Cooper Haines 32-18 T-2. Isaac Leedham 32-18 T-2. Carter Mansfield 32-18 5. Kelsey Crabtree 31-19 6. Guest Picker 30-20 7. Isaac Lutrell 28-22 8. Braedon Henson 25-25 Game of the Week 6A #13 Houston (4-1) at 6A #2 Germantown (5-0) DeNote: Germantown Haines: Germantown Leedham: Germantown Mansfield: Germantown Crabtree: Houston Pare: Houston Lutrell: Germantown Henson: Germantown Other Games DII-A #2 (4-0) Jackson Christian at DII-A #3 USJ (4-1) (Thu.) DeNote: USJ Haines: USJ Leedham: USJ Mansfield: Jackson Christian Crabtree: Jackson Christian Pare: USJ Lutrell: USJ Henson: USJ 5A #1 Knox West (5-0) at 3A #1 Alcoa (5-0) (Thu.) DeNote: Alcoa Haines: Alcoa Leedham: Alcoa Mansfield: Knox West Crabtree: Alcoa Pare: Alcoa Lutrell: Alcoa Henson: Knox West 4A #1 Greeneville (5-0) at 6A #5 Dobyns-Bennett (5-0) DeNote: Greeneville Haines: Dobyns-Bennett Leedham: Greeneville Mansfield: Greeneville Crabtree: Greeneville Pare: Dobyns-Bennett Lutrell: Greeneville Henson: Dobyns-Bennett DII-AAA #1 MBA (5-0) at DII-AAA #4 Brentwood Academy (4-1) DeNote: MBA Haines: MBA Leedham: MBA Mansfield: MBA Crabtree: Brentwood Academy Pare: MBA Lutrell: MBA Henson: Brentwood Academy 5A #2 Page (5-0) at 3A #4 Giles County (4-1) DeNote: Page Haines: Page Leedham: Page Mansfield: Page Crabtree: Page Pare: Giles County Lutrell: Giles County Henson: Page 1A #3 Coalfield (5-0) at 1A #8 Gordonsville (3-2) DeNote: Coalfield Haines: Coalfield Leedham: Coalfield Mansfield: Coalfield Crabtree: Coalfield Pare: Coalfield Lutrell: Gordonsville Henson: Gordonsville 5A #3 Green Hill (4-1) at 5A #12 White County (4-1) DeNote: White County Haines: Green Hill Leedham: White County Mansfield: White County Crabtree: White County Pare: Green Hill Lutrell: White County Henson: White County 3A #2 East Nashville (5-0) at 6A #11 (3-2) Independence DeNote: East Nashville Haines: East Nashville Leedham: East Nashville Mansfield: East Nashville Crabtree: East Nashville Pare: Independence Lutrell: East Nashville Henson: Independence 6A #14 Rockvale (4-1) at 5A #5 Nolensville (5-0) DeNote: Nolensville Haines: Nolensville Leedham: Nolensville Mansfield: Nolensville Crabtree: Nolensville Pare: Nolensville Lutrell: Nolensville Henson: Nolensville

Week 5 Game Picks

Week 5 of the high school football season is upon us and the slate is loaded with region games between ranked teams that will have a major impact on seeding when the playoffs come around. Our guest picker this week is former Brentwood and current Vanderbilt defensive back John Howse. Howse was an all-state performer for the Bruins and was a key piece for the Brentwood state title game run in 2020. Let’s get into the standings and the picks. T-1. Hunter DeNote 24-16 T-1. Carter Mansfield 24-16 T-3. Isaac Leedham 23-17 T-3. Isaac Lutrell 23-17 T-3. Guest Picker 23-17 T-6. Kelsey Crabtree 22-18 T-6. Cooper Haines 22-18 8. Braedon Henson 21-19 Game of the Week Brentwood (3-1) at 6A #8 Ravenwood (2-2) DeNote: Ravenwood Mansfield: Ravenwood Leedham: Ravenwood Lutrell: Brentwood Howse: Brentwood Crabtree: Ravenwood Haines: Ravenwood Henson: Brentwood Other Games DII-AAA #2 Baylor (3-0) at DII-AAA #4 Pope John Paul II (4-0) DeNote: Baylor Mansfield: Baylor Leedham: JP2 Lutrell: JP2 Howse: Baylor Crabtree: Baylor Haines: Baylor Henson: JP2 DII-AA #10 CAK (2-2) at DII-AA #2 Knox Webb (4-0) DeNote: Knox Webb Mansfield: Knox Webb Leedham: Knox Webb Lutrell: Knox Webb Howse: Knox Webb Crabtree: Knox Webb Haines: Knox Webb Henson: Knox Webb 1A #12 Oakdale (4-0) at 1A #3 Coalfield (4-0) DeNote: Coalfield Mansfield: Coalfield Leedham: Coalfield Lutrell: Coalfield Howse: Coalfield Crabtree: Coalfield Haines: Coalfield Henson: Oakdale 5A #1 Knox West (4-0) at 5A #11 Sevier County (4-0) DeNote: Knox West Mansfield: Knox West Leedham: Knox West Lutrell: Knox West Howse: Knox West Crabtree: Knox West Haines: Knox West Henson: Knox West 1A #11 Moore County (4-0) at 1A #2 Fayetteville (4-0) DeNote: Fayetteville Mansfield: Fayetteville Leedham: Fayetteville Lutrell: Fayetteville Howse: Fayetteville Crabtree: Fayetteville Haines: Fayetteville Henson: Moore County 5A #10 White County (4-0) at 5A #7 Mt. Juliet (2-1) DeNote: Mt. Juliet Mansfield: White County Leedham: Mt. Juliet Lutrell: White County Howse: Mt. Juliet Crabtree: Mt. Juliet Haines: Mt. Juliet Henson: Mt. Juliet 5A #9 Powell (2-2) at 5A #15 Clinton (3-1) DeNote: Powell Mansfield: Powell Leedham: Powell Lutrell: Clinton Howse: Clinton Crabtree: Powell Haines: Powell Henson: Clinton 4A #3 Haywood (3-0) at 4A #7 Milan (4-0) DeNote: Haywood Mansfield: Haywood Leedham: Haywood Lutrell: Milan Howse: Milan Crabtree: Milan Haines: Haywood Henson: Milan DII-AAA #9 Christian Brothers (2-2) at DII-AAA #8 (2-2) Briarcrest DeNote: Briarcrest Mansfield: Briarcrest Leedham: Christian Brothers Lutrell: Christian Brothers Howse: Christian Brothers Crabtree: Christian Brothers Haines: Christian Brothers Henson: Christian Brothers

Week 5 Class Rankings

Here are our class rankings going into Week 5 of the high school football season. Each team’s previous ranking is represented in (parentheses). 6A 1. Oakland 4-0 (1) 2. Germantown 4-0 (6) 3. Bradley Central 4-0 (3) 4. Maryville 3-1 (2) 5. Dobyns-Bennett 4-0 (8) 6. Collierville 4-0 (9) 7. Blackman 3-1 (10) 8. Ravenwood 2-2 (5) 9. Beech 2-1(13) 10. Riverdale 3-1 (14) 11. Smyrna 3-0 (15) 12. Lebanon 3-1 (4) 13. Independence 3-1 (7) 14. Cane Ridge 3-1 (11) 15. Whitehaven 2-2 (12) Dropped Out: None 5A 1. Knox West 4-0 (1) 2. Page 4-0 (2) 3. Green Hill 3-1 (3) 4. Springfield 4-0 (4) 5. Nolensville 4-0 (6) 6. Munford 4-0 (7) 7. Mt. Juliet 2-1 (8) 8. Henry County 2-2 (5) 9. Powell 2-2 (9) 10. White County 4-0 (13) 11. Sevier County 4-0 (14) 12. Daniel Boone 4-0 (15) 13. Karns 3-1 (NR) 14. Oak Ridge 2-2 (10) 15. Clinton 3-1 (NR) Dropped Out: Memphis Central (11), Walker Valley (12) 4A 1. Greeneville 4-0 (1) 2. Anderson County 4-0 (2) 3. Haywood 3-0 (3) 4. Red Bank 3-0 (5) 5. Pearl-Cohn 2-2 (7) 6. Marshall County 4-0 (8) 7. Milan 4-0 (9) 8. Hardin County 3-1 (4) 9. Upperman 3-1 (6) 10. East Hamilton 3-1 (10) 11. Macon County 4-0 (11) 12. Melrose 3-0 (13) 13. South Gibson 3-1 (14) 14. DeKalb County 3-1 (15) 15. Gibbs 3-1 (NR) Dropped Out: Elizabethton (12) 3A 1. Alcoa 4-0 (1) 2. East Nashville 4-0 (2) 3. Covington 3-1 (3) 4. Unicoi County 4-0 (5) 5. Giles County 3-1 (6) 6. Waverly 3-1 (7) 7. Smith County 3-1 (8) 8. Fairview 2-2 (4) 9. Kingston 4-0 (9) 10. Gatlinburg-Pittman 3-1 (11) 11. Sequatchie County 3-1 (12) 12. Sweetwater 2-1 (15) 13. Dyersburg 2-2 (10) 14. Chuckey-Doak 3-1 (NR) 15. Ripley 3-1 (NR) Dropped Out: Raleigh-Egypt (13), White House (14) 2A 1. Tyner Academy 4-0 (2) 2. Hampton 4-0 (3) 3. Fairley 4-0 (4) 4. Huntingdon 3-1 (5) 5. Union City 4-0 (6) 6. Riverside 3-1 (1) 7. Mt. Pleasant 3-0 (7) 8. Freedom Prep 4-0 (8) 9. Lewis County 3-1 (9) 10. Westview 2-2 (10) 11. East Robertson 3-1 (14) 12. Bledsoe County 3-1 (15) 13. Westmoreland 2-2 (11) 14. Richland 3-0 (NR) 15. York 3-1 (NR) Dropped Out: Loretto (12), Forrest (13) 1A 1. McKenzie 4-0 (1) 2. Fayetteville 4-0 (2) 3. Coalfield 4-0 (3) 4. Peabody 3-1 (4) 5. MASE 3-0 (5) 6. Clay County 3-0 (7) 7. Dresden 4-0 (8) 8. Gordonsville 2-2 (10) 9. South Pittsburg 2-2 (6) 10. West Carroll 4-0 (11) 11. Moore County 4-0 (12) 12. Oakdale 4-0 (14) 13. McEwen 2-1 (9) 14. Whitwell 3-0 (NR) 15. Wayne County 3-1 (NR) Dropped Out: Middle College (13), Greenback (15) DII-AAA 1. MBA 4-0 (1) 2. Baylor 3-0 (2) 3. McCallie 3-1 (3) 4. Pope Prep 4-0 (4) 5. Brentwood Academy 4-0 (5) 6. Ensworth 3-1 (6) 7. MUS 3-1 (8) 8. Briarcrest 2-2 (7) 9. Christian Brothers 2-2 (9) 10. Knoxville Catholic 2-1 (10) Dropped Out: None DII-AA 1. Lipscomb Academy 4-0 (1) 2. Knox Webb 4-0 (2) 3. CPA 2-2 (3) 4. Lausanne 2-1 (2) 5. Chattanooga Christian 3-1 (5) 6. Boyd Buchanan 4-0 (6) 7. FRA 4-0 (7) 8. Northpoint Christian 3-1 (10) 9. Goodpasture 3-1 (NR) 10. CAK 2-2 (8) Dropped Out: ECS (9) DII-A 1. Friendship Christian 4-0 (1) 2. Jackson Christian 3-0 (2) 3. USJ 3-1 (4) 4. Franklin Grace 2-1 (2) 5. MTCS 3-1 (5) 6. Nashville Christian 1-2 (8) 7. DCA 2-2 (9) 8. Clarksville Academy 3-1 (10) 9. Columbia Academy 2-1 (6) 10. Lakeway Christian 3-1 (7) Dropped Out: None

USJ Knocks Off Hardin County

Week four was packed with competitive non-region matchups across the state. DII-A powerhouse USJ hosted the #4 ranked team in 4A, Hardin County. HCHS rolled to a 3-0 start to the season, outscoring their opponents 130-19, while USJ was off to a 2-1 start with a loss to Union City. USJ looked to avenge last year’s 21-7 loss at Hardin County, and that they did as USJ put together a complete performance in a 24-17 win. The Tigers struck first with a 5-yard Tylin Irvin rushing touchdown, though the Bruins responded quickly. USJ drove to the HCHS 11-yard line, where Jayce Barksdale made a one-handed grab to tie it at 7. The Bruins’ Brooks Jones then grabbed a 40-yard pick-six after the kickoff. Kevin Finch then made his name known, with a reception, and a couple of rushes, where he punched in for six from a yard out. The Bruins then ran a 2-minute drive, kicking a field goal with 4-seconds left before the half. Hardin County responded in the second half, holding USJ to a shutout, though 10-unanswered points from a 27-yard Brayden Wilkes touchdown, along with a 20-yard field goal from Nolan Foster wouldn't be enough to overcome the 17-point deficit. USJ got possession with 3:30 left, and a couple of Kevin Finch rushes put the game to bed. The Bruins advance to a 3-1 record and look forward to a matchup against First Assembly Christian. HCHS take on a Chester County team who have started the season 3-1 for the first time in 7-years under new head coach Dewond Johnson, former Lexington defensive coordinator.

JP2 Routs Independence Behind Multiple Defensive Touchdowns

Pope Prep’s offense, led by 4-star quarterback and Pitt Commit Kenny Minchey, has had no problem in the first three weeks of the season finding the end zone, as they are averaging 39 points per game. The Knights defense decided to get into the end zone on Thursday night against the Independence Eagles, as Senior Safety Josh Mailander had 3 interceptions and returned two of those for touchdowns. Mailander would’ve had a 4th interception and a 3rd touchdown if the play had not been called back for an illegal block. Minchey found wide receiver Chet Lax on 6-yard reception to get the Knights on the board at the 6:34 mark in the first quarter, then chaos ensued for the Eagles as Mailander’s touchdowns all came within a span of 1:51 as Pope Prep was up 21-0 with 4:23 left to play in the first quarter. Both of Mailander’s interceptions came on attempts by quarterback Cody Pagach to 4-star Alabama Commit Ty Lockwood, the first on a ball that deflected off Lockwood’s hands into Mailander, and the second was a wide pass into Mailander’s hands. “We knew they were going to try to go to Lockwood, he’s their best player,” Mailander said. “I was going to man up on him. I just saw the ball in the air and was lucky enough to make some plays.” “It was just miscommunication,” said Lockwood, who had an appendectomy on Aug. 5 and was in just his second game of the season. “It’s been, like, a month since we’ve thrown. That’s a route where I can sit down or go out, and I sat down and he expected me to go out. We’ve just got to get back into our flow.” The second quarter brought scores by Knights running back Elijah Robb, who added his first touchdown of the night from 6 yards out, and Kicker Will Arbuckle added a 32-yard field goal to extend the Knights lead over the Eagles to 31-0 at halftime. Minchey played the first half of the contest before leaving the game with a slight shoulder injury. Minchey is expected to play next week when the Knights host Baylor. With Minchey out, the Knights turned the offense over to Freshman Quarterback Sebastian Nelson who found Colin Cook for a 26-yard touchdown in the 3rd quarter, then Robb added another touchdown in the third quarter from 3 yards out to extend their lead to 45-0. Robb finished the night with 132 rushing yards. “With our freshman quarterback coming in, we knew we were going to run the ball. That put it on our offensive line and on me,” Robb said. “We’ve got an amazing offense. We’re just going to keep on.” “We talked all week about having a good week of preparation,” Knights coach Brian Sneed said. “It’s a holiday week, it’s a short week. We had a lot of reasons we could have started slow and we had a slow second half last week. So we wanted to come out quick.” Sneed said. “I thought Sebastian (Nelson) came in and did a great job of moving the ball down the field,” Sneed said. “We challenged them at halftime to continue ‘choosing the shield’ on every play, regardless of who’s in the game, and I think we responded well to that tonight.” Independence scored twice late–on a Brooks Sapone 22-yard pass to Daniel Morales, and a 52-yard run from reserve running back Clay Davis. “It’s not a region game, so it’s not devastating for us,” Independence head coach Scott Stidham said. “If it is, we’re softer than I thought. We’ll recover, go back to work tomorrow and get ready for a big region game next week.” Independence moves to 2-2 on the season and will travel to region opponent Franklin next Friday. Pope Prep moves to 4-0 on the season and will host region opponent Baylor next Friday.

Week 4 Game Picks

Week 4 of the high school season is upon us, and this slate is loaded with tough non-region matchups. Our guest picker this week is last year’s Mr. Football winner in Class 3A, former Alcoa quarterback Caden Buckles. Let’s get into the standings and picks. Standings T-1. Isaac Leedham 18-12 T-1. Carter Mansfield 18-12 T-3. Kelsey Crabtree 17-13 T-3. Isaac Lutrell 17-13 T-5. Hunter DeNote 16-14 T-5. Cooper Haines 16-14 7. Guest Picker 15-15 8. Braedon Henson 14-16 Game of the Week 3A #1 Alcoa (3-0) at 6A #2 Maryville (3-0) Leedham: Maryville Mansfield: Maryville Crabtree: Maryville Lutrell: Maryville DeNote: Maryville Haines: Maryville Buckles: Alcoa Henson: Maryville Other Games DII-AA #3 CPA (2-1) at DII-AAA #1 MBA (3-0) (Thu.) Leedham: MBA Mansfield: MBA Crabtree: CPA Lutrell: MBA DeNote: MBA Haines: MBA Buckles: MBA Henson: MBA 6A #1 Oakland (3-0) at 6A #5 Ravenwood (2-1) Leedham: Oakland Mansfield: Oakland Crabtree: Ravenwood Lutrell: Oakland DeNote: Oakland Haines: Oakland Buckles: Oakland Henson: Oakland DII-AAA #4 Pope John Paul II (3-0) at 6A #7 Independence (2-1) Leedham: JP2 Mansfield: JP2 Crabtree: Independence Lutrell: JP2 DeNote: JP2 Haines: JP2 Buckles: JP2 Henson: JP2 1A #2 Fayetteville (3-0) at 4A #6 Upperman (3-0) Leedham: Upperman Mansfield: Fayetteville Crabtree: Upperman Lutrell: Upperman DeNote: Fayetteville Haines: Fayetteville Buckles: Upperman Henson: Fayetteville DII-AAA #5 Brentwood Academy (3-0) at 6A #12 Whitehaven (2-1) Leedham: Brentwood Academy Mansfield: Brentwood Academy Crabtree: Brentwood Academy Lutrell: Brentwood Academy DeNote: Brentwood Academy Haines: Whitehaven Buckles: Brentwood Academy Henson: Brentwood Academy DII-A #2 Franklin Grace (2-0) at DII-A #1 Friendship Christian (3-0) Leedham: Friendship Christian Mansfield: Friendship Christian Crabtree: Friendship Christian Lutrell: Friendship Christian DeNote: Friendship Christian Haines: Friendship Christian Buckles: Friendship Christian Henson: Friendship Christian 4A #4 Hardin County (3-0) at DII-A #4 USJ (2-1) Leedham: Hardin County Mansfield: Hardin County Crabtree: USJ Lutrell: Hardin County DeNote: USJ Haines: Hardin County Buckles: Hardin County Henson: Hardin County 2A #1 Decatur Riverside (3-0) at 2A #5 Huntingdon (2-1) Leedham: Riverside Mansfield: Riverside Crabtree: Huntingdon Lutrell: Huntingdon DeNote: Riverside Haines: Riverside Buckles: Huntingdon Henson: Huntingdon DII-AA #9 Evangelical Christian (2-1) at DII-A #3 Jackson Christian (2-0) Leedham: ECS Mansfield: ECS Crabtree: Jackson Christian Lutrell: ECS DeNote: Jackson Christian Haines: Jackson Christian Buckles: Jackson Christian Henson: ECS

Week 3 Game Picks

We are already in Week 3 of the high school football season and this is the most loaded slate of games, so far. With region play starting this week, our game of the week this week is the Bishop’s Cup, between Pope John Paull II and Father Ryan. With that, our guest picker is JP2 legend Golden Tate. After posting 1,923 total yards and 29 total touchdowns in his senior year of high school, Tate chose to continue his football career at Notre Dame. With the Fighting Irish, Tate won the Biletnikoff award for the nation’s top receiver, along with being named an unanimous All-American. Tate was then drafted in the second round by the Seattle Seahawks, winning a Super Bowl with the team. He also spent time with the Detroit Lions, where he would make a Pro Bowl appearance, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, and Tennessee Titans. Let’s get into our staff standings and picks for this week. Standings T-1. Cooper Haines 10-10 T-1. Isaac Lutrell 10-10 T-3. Kelsey Crabtree 9-11 T-3. Isaac Leedham 9-11 T-3. Carter Mansfield 9-11 T-3. Guest Picker 9-11 7. Braedon Henson 8-12 8. Hunter DeNote 6-14 Game of the Week DII-AAA #5 JP2 (2-0) at Father Ryan (1-1) Haines: JP2 Lutrell: JP2 Crabtree: Father Ryan Leedham: JP2 Mansfield: JP2 Tate: JP2 Henson: DeNote: Other Games 4A #5 Elizabethton (0-1) at 4A #1 Greeneville (2-0) Haines: Greeneville Lutrell: Greeneville Crabtree: Greeneville Leedham: Greeneville Mansfield: Greeneville Tate: Greeneville Henson: DeNote: 6A #14 Blackman (1-1) at 6A #8 Riverdale (2-0) Haines: Riverdale Lutrell: Riverdale Crabtree: Blackman Leedham: Riverdale Mansfield: Blackman Tate: Blackman Henson: DeNote: Hendersonville (1-1) at 6A #13 Beech (1-1) Haines: Beech Lutrell: Beech Crabtree: Beech Leedham: Beech Mansfield: Beech Tate: Beech Henson: DeNote: 6A #11 Germantown (2-0) at 6A #5 Whitehaven (2-0) Haines: Whitehaven Lutrell: Germantown Crabtree: Germantown Leedham: Germantown Mansfield: Germantown Tate: Whitehaven Henson: DeNote: DII-AAA #8 Knoxville Catholic (2-0) at DII-AAA #3 Baylor (2-0) Haines: Baylor Lutrell: Baylor Crabtree: Baylor Leedham: Baylor Mansfield: Baylor Tate: Knoxville Catholic Henson: DeNote: DII-AAA #2 MBA (2-0) at DII-AAA #1 McCallie (2-0) Haines: McCallie Lutrell: McCallie Crabtree: MBA Leedham: MBA Mansfield: McCallie Tate: MBA Henson: DeNote: DII-AAA #4 Briarcrest (2-0) at DII-AAA #6 Brentwood Academy (1-1) Haines: Briarcrest Lutrell: Brentwood Academy Crabtree: Brentwood Academy Leedham: Brentwood Academy Mansfield: Brentwood Academy Tate: Brentwood Academy Henson: DeNote: 1A #9 Middle College (1-0) at 1A #5 MASE (1-0) Haines: MASE Lutrell: MASE Crabtree: Middle College Leedham: MASE Mansfield: MASE Tate: Middle College Henson: DeNote: DII-A #4 Donelson Christian (1-1) at DII-A #1 Friendship Christian (2-0) Haines: Friendship Christian Lutrell: DCA Crabtree: Friendship Christian Leedham: Friendship Christian Mansfield: Friendship Christian Tate: DCA Henson: DeNote:

Week 3 Class Rankings

Here are our Week 3 class rankings! Each team’s previous ranking is represented in (parentheses). 6A 1. Oakland 2-0 (1) 2. Maryville 2-0 (2) 3. Bradley Central 2-0 (3) 4. Lebanon 2-0 (4) 5. Whitehaven 2-0 (5) 6. Ravenwood 1-1 (6) 7. Independence 1-1 (7) 8. Riverdale 2-0 (8) 9. Dobyns-Bennett 2-0 (9) 10. Collierville 2-0 (10) 11. Germantown 2-0 (11) 12. Cane Ridge 2-0 (13) 13. Beech 1-1 (15) 14. Blackman 1-1 (NR) 15. Smyrna 2-0 (NR) Dropped Out: Bartlett (12), Farragut (14) 5A 1. Knox West 2-0 (1) 2. Page 2-0 (3) 3. Green Hill 1-1 (6) 4. Springfield 2-0 (7) 5. Henry County 1-1 (2) 6. Nolensville 2-0 (8) 7. Munford 2-0 (10) 8. Mt. Juliet 0-1 (11) 9. Powell 0-2 (5) 10. Oak Ridge 1-1 (4) 11. Rhea County 0-1 (12) 12. Station Camp 2-0 (14) 13. Memphis Central 1-1 (9) 14. Walker Valley 1-1 (13) 15. Knox Central 1-1 (NR) Dropped Out: McMinn County (15) 4A 1. Greeneville 2-0 (1) 2. Anderson County 2-0 (2) 3. Haywood 1-0 (3) 4. Hardin County 2-0 (4) 5. Elizabethton 0-1 (7) 6. Red Bank 2-0 (8) 7. Upperman 2-0 (9) 8. Marshall County 2-0 (11) 9. South Gibson 2-0 (12) 10. Pearl-Cohn 0-2 (5) 11. DeKalb County 2-0 (14) 12. East Hamilton 1-1 (10) 13. Milan 2-0 (15) 14. Macon County 2-0 (NR) 15. Melrose 2-0 (NR) Dropped Out: Tullahoma (6), Carter (13) 3A 1. Alcoa 2-0 (1) 2. East Nashville 2-0 (2) 3. Covington 1-1 (4) 4. Fairview 1-1 (8) 5. Loudon 2-0 (9) 6. Unicoi County 2-0 (11) 7. Giles County 1-1 (3) 8. Waverly 1-1 (6) 9. Smith County 1-1 (7) 10. Kingston 2-0 (13) 11. Dyersburg 1-1 (5) 12. Gatlinburg-Pittman 1-1 (10) 13. Sequatchie County 1-1 (NR) 14. Raleigh-Egypt 2-0 (NR) 15. White House 1-1 (NR) Dropped Out: Pigeon Forge (12), Trezevant (14), Stratford (15) 2A 1. Riverside 2-0 (1) 2. Forrest 2-0 (2) 3. Tyner Academy 2-0 (4) 4. Hampton 2-0 (5) 5. Fairley 2-0 (6) 6. Meigs County 1-1 (3) 7. Huntingdon 1-1 (9) 8. Monterey 2-0 (10) 9. Watertown 1-1 (12) 10. Union City 2-0 (15) 11. Mt. Pleasant 2-0 (NR) 12. Freedom Prep 2-0 (NR) 13. Westview 0-2 (7) 14. Trousdale County 0-2 (8) 15. Lewis County 1-1 (11) Dropped Out: Marion County (13), Mitchell (14) 1A 1. McKenzie 2-0 (1) 2. Fayetteville 2-0 (3) 3. Coalfield 2-0 (4) 4. Peabody 1-1 (5) 5. MASE 1-0 (6) 6. South Pittsburg 1-1 (2) 7. Clay County 2-0 (8) 8. Dresden 2-0 (9) 9. Middle College 1-0 (10) 10. McEwen 2-0 (11) 11. Gordonsville 0-2 (7) 12. West Carroll 2-0 (12) 13. Moore County 2-0 (13) 14. Cloudland 1-1 (14) 15. Eagleville 1-1 (15) Dropped Out: None DII-AAA 1. McCallie 2-0 (1) 2. MBA 2-0 (3) 3. Baylor 2-0 (6) 4. Briarcrest 2-0 (4) 5. Pope Prep 2-0 (5) 6. Brentwood Academy 1-1 (7) 7. Ensworth 1-1 (2) 8. Knoxville Catholic 2-0 (9) 9. Christian Brothers 1-1 (10) 10. MUS 1-1 (8) Dropped Out: None DII-AA 1. Lipscomb Academy 2-0 (1) 2. Lausanne 1-0 (3) 3. CPA 1-1 (2) 4. Knoxville Webb 2-0 (4) 5. Chattanooga Christian 1-1 (5) 6. CAK 2-0 (7) 7. Boyd Buchanan 2-0 (10) 8. FRA 2-0 (NR) 9. Goodpasture 2-0 (NR) 10. Davidson Academy 0-1 (6) Dropped Out: Silverdale Baptist (8), BGA (9) DII-A 1. Friendship Christian 2-0 (2) 2. Franklin Grace 2-0 (6) 3. Jackson Christian 2-0 (5) 4. DCA 1-1 (4) 5. USJ 1-1 (1) 6. MTCS 1-1 (3) 7. Columbia Academy 2-0 (8) 8. Clarksville Academy 2-0 (9) 9. Lakeway Christian 2-0 (10) 10. Nashville Christian 0-2 (7) Dropped Out: None

What Makes a Rivalry: Hardin County vs. Adamsville

Small towns dot the landscape of Tennessee and provide some of the richest high school football culture anywhere in the south. Hardin County High School and Adamsville High School are separated by just 11-miles and the Harrison-McGarity Carpenter bridge. Historically, the series between the two has been dominated by Hardin County winning 21 of the 28 matchups. The 21-7 HCHS series lead can be a bit misleading, however, with 9 of the games being one-possession games along with 5 games decided by 3-points or fewer. Many of the students have grown up competing against each other which creates two deeply involved communities coming together for the games. When Hardin County is the hosting school, both the HCHS parking lot and the neighboring Savannah Church of Christ’s parking lot are filled, typically leaving cars littered along Pickwick Street and Stadium Drive. When the Cardinals play host, cars line US-64 for 3-4 miles near the high school. Hardin County has pulled away in the last 5-years, taking a narrow 15-13 win in 2017, though the Cardinals have failed to score on the Tigers since then. HCHS dominated in a 44-0 win over the Cardinals Friday, in preparation for region play this week against South Side. The Hardin County defense looks to be a dominant force in 4A this season. Junior talents Sam Tanner and Wes Blankenship both grabbed interceptions, along with Kevin Tarver Jr. and out-of-state transfer David Stout both recording sacks. The Cardinal's opening drive was cut short by the Sam Tanner interception, leading to a one-play Tylin Irvin 11-yard touchdown, though a wide left PAT left the Tigers with a 6-0 lead. A quick 3-and-out put the Tigers at their own 18. Quarterback Carter Smith connected with Kam Haymon on a go-route for the 82-yard score, giving the Tigers a 13-0 lead with over 6-minutes left in the first. The Cardinals failed to get a responding drive going, leading to a Wes Blankenship punt block scoop and score, making the HCHS lead 20-0. The Tigers began the second quarter at the Cardinal 15-yard line, though the AHS defense held HCHS to a field goal, with Hardin County holding a 23-0 lead for most of the second quarter. The Tigers lead a perfect 2-minute drive, with Smith hitting Brayden Wilkes from 18-yards out with 4-seconds left in the half, and a squib kick sent the teams to halftime. Under new rules, the entire second half had a running clock, though the Tigers added a Peyton Stricklin rushing touchdown from a yard out, along with a 69-yard touchdown rush from freshman Ben White midway through the fourth. Next week the Cardinals host Scotts Hill as region play begins in much of West Tennessee.

Running Back Ty Clark III leads FRA to Shutout Victory Over Silverdale Baptist Academy

Franklin Road Academy picked up an impressive 35-0 victory over Silverdale Baptist Academy on Friday night behind the performance of running back Ty Clark III The junior tailback had his way with the ball in his hands, finishing with 25 carries for 200 yards and 2 touchdowns while adding 77 yards in the receiving game. With Clark leading FRA in rushing and receiving and the defense standing tall time and time again, the Panthers were able to pull away in the 2nd half of the game. After FRA’s defense got a stop at their own 29, the scoring started with a 60-yard TD run by Clark. After another stop by the Panthers defense in their territory, they put a drive together but missed the 41 yard field goal, giving the Seahawks the ball with a chance to answer. In what became a common theme in the game, the Seahawks were able to drive into FRA territory but unable to finish with playmakers Turner Junkins (illness) and Jackson Hattaway (injury) unavailable for quarterback Brett Rogers to target. FRA would answer with a four play scoring drive that ended with playmaking receiver Boyd Brown taking a reception 41 yards for the touchdown to go up 14-0. Silverdale started to move the ball, but with the receiver failing to locate the ball, FRA was able to pick off the pass and go into the half up 14. The Panthers started the second half with another four play scoring drive, ending with quarterback Logan Kinnard running in from two yards out. After forcing a Silverdale 3 and out, Kinnard would hit Kayden Richardson in the back of the end zone on 3rd and goal to extend the lead to 28 going into the 4th quarter. Silverdale converted a huge 4th down, and it looked like the Seahawks would finally get on the board, but Rogers forced a throw that was intercepted at the Panther’s 15. With the ball back, FRA would convert a 4th down and later score on a 25-yard rush by Clark on a drive that put the game away with a 35 point lead. After another Silverdale drive into FRA territory and not finishing, the Panthers were able to run out the clock and close out a 35-0 victory over one of the better teams in DII-AA last year. Franklin Road Academy looks to be improved this year with a big offensive tackle duo of Luke Masterson and Mississippi State commit Joe Crocker paving the way for star running back Ty Clark III. Through two games, Clark has recorded 389 rushing yards and 4 TDs on 8.8 yards per carry while adding 161 yards and another TD as a receiver.. Next week, they will have a big game on the road at Davidson Academy, with a chance to move into the top 5 of the DII-AA rankings. Don’t let the score make your opinion on Silverdale, however. The Seahawks, who were down star WR/S Turner Junkins as a late scratch and were unable to use Jackson Hattaway on offense, limited the offense. In spite of this, the offense was able to move the ball with WR Cameron Bowen continuing to step up this season as the primary target for Brett Rogers. The returns of Junkins and Hattaway will be crucial as they will travel to take on a talented CCS team next week. With Silverdale’s inability to run the ball so far outside of Rogers’ scrambles, the passing game will have to be a huge part of the Seahawks’ offense. This is a young team that should get better as the year continues.

MBA Avenges Last Season's Loss in Blowout of Pearl-Cohn

The matchup Friday night between Pearl-Cohn and MBA was much anticipated, due to the last two meetings in 2019 and 2021 being decided by a total of 11 points. However, this year’s matchup was not as exciting, as the MBA defense made stop after stop on Friday night to dominate Pearl-Cohn. The Big Red defense allowed only 184 total yards to the Pearl-Cohn and only allowed one touchdown. The MBA offense is led by senior quarterback and four-star Ole Miss commitment Marcel Reed and Senior running back Johnothan Moore. MBA got on the scoreboard first as Reed found Hutton Durrett on an 18-yard toss to go up 7-0 in the first quarter. Reed then found his way into the end zone on a 33-yard scamper to give MBA a 14-0 lead with 10:00 minutes left in the 2nd quarter.

Daniel Boone Routs West Ridge in Shutout

This time last year, West Ridge High School was handed a technical win over Daniel Boone due to forfeit; this year, they weren’t so lucky. On Friday, the Wolves of West Ridge hosted border-county foe Daniel Boone for the first time since the Wolve’s inception last year. Although playing their first 6A school since the midpoint of last season, the ‘Blazers added to their preseason hype, showing no debility in the face of a larger program. West Ridge came into the game a week after their 41-6 blowout over Volunteer High, where Wolves’ tailback Cale Bryant posted a whopping 276 all-purpose yards, and a total of four touchdowns. Daniel Boone also rode into the contest on a high note. Last week, the Trailblazers beat South Greene 26-0 on their first show on new field turf, showing off the arm of Junior quarterback Luke Jenkins and the leg of highly-touted Senior kicker Ben Shrewsbury. FIRST QUARTER West Ridge possessed the ball to start the game, but that wouldn’t last long as just a few minutes in, the Trailblazers would pounce on a midfield fumble. It looked like Boone would start off with a bang after a 40-yard pass to Senior ATH Rylan Trout, but a quick drive would result in a missed field goal. However, Daniel Boone didn’t stay away from the ball for long, as a subsequent West Ridge punt would fly into the endzone for a safety. The Trailblazers took advantage of the field possession, as Junior tailback Aiden Riner would punch into the endzone to extend Boone’s lead to nine – and it was all Boone from that point on. SECOND QUARTER Following a few strong Boone defensive stops, West Ridge was forced out of their comfort zone, moving from their under-center option formation to a more contemporary shotgun-style scheme. “If we got ahead of them, that was a big thing,” said veteran Daniel Boone coach Jeremy Jenkins. “They just wouldn’t be able to run the ball consistently.” On a 3rd and short situation, a Trey Frazier pass was picked off by ‘Blazer corner Brogan Jones, and returned all the way home for a score. Even after a 19-0 deficit, the Wolves were unable to get anything going, punting away every possession. On the other hand, Daniel Boone refused to slow down, tacking on a 2-play, 76 yard drive on two passes to Boone Senior Landon Kirkpatrick. They would take a 26-0 lead at halftime. SECOND HALF Daniel Boone got the ball to start the second half of the contest, and came running out of the gate with a 64 yard reverse to Rylan Trout all the way down to the 1, where Aiden Riner punched in his second score. A 33-0 score would stretch the entire second half, as neither team made much noise, both running the clock out with rushing plays. MOVING FORWARD This wasn’t exactly the week-two momentum pusher that the Wolves were looking for before traveling to red-hot Science Hill next week in a divisional matchup. However, Science Hill also suffered a tough loss this week, making next week's rivalry game a crucial one. Daniel Boone got exactly what they wanted this week out of their senior-heavy squad, especially being a team known for finishing the season strong. “It’s great preparation..all week for these guys to start off strong like this.” said Jeremy Jenkins. Jenkins’ Trailblazers hope this preparation stays consistent next Saturday in their divisional opener at home against Cherokee.

Baylor Wins Battle of DII-AAA Heavyweights

In what could be an early season preview of the DII-AAA playoffs, Baylor made a statement, dominating Ensworth 35-17. “This game really showed the character of our defense tonight.” Baylor Head Coach Erik Kimrey said. “We have a long way to go and there’s a lot of things we need to clean up, but I’m certainly proud to be able to come up here and get away with a win.” Caleb Hampton was unstoppable on the ground, gashing the Ensworth defense for two touchdowns on the night, and making several eye-popping plays. While Hampton is committed to play baseball at the University of South Carolina he has been turning more than a few heads in the football recruiting world, and if anyone knows what a college running back looks like, it’s Kimrey, who was hired this offseason by Baylor from his position as the tight ends coach at the University of South Carolina. “He’s a Power Five running back and he shows that everytime he touches the ball.” Kimrey said. “He’s not only that, but he’s a tremendous leader in our program.” Defense was the other strongsuit for Baylor, as they pitched a second half shutout in a game that they only led 21-17 at halftime. “That was a really dynamic offense,” Kimrey said. “We need to adjust a few things (at halftime), so we put another number in the box to stop the run game and put some pressure on the quarterback and we bent a little bit at times, but down the field we were able to get stops.” Baylor will open up region play next Friday at home against Knoxville Catholic, while Ensworth will host their region opener against Christian Brothers.

Week 2 Game Picks

After an extremely exciting first week in high school football throughout Tennessee, Week Two has just as many high-quality games on the slate. Our guest picker this week is Ensworth legend Corn Elder. Elder won three state championships in football and two Mr. Football awards while at Ensworth. He was an All-ACC performer at Miami, before being drafted in the fifth round of the 2017 NFL draft by the Carolina Panthers. Elder also played in the NFL with the New York Giants, Washing Commanders, and Detroit Lions, along with two other separate stints with the Panthers. Let’s get into the picks. Standings T-1. Kelsey Crabtree 5-5 T-1. Cooper Haines 5-5 T-1. Braedon Henson 5-5 T-1. Isaac Leedham 5-5 T-4. Isaac Lutrell 4-6 T-4. Carter Mansfield 4-6 T-4. Guest Picker 4-6 7. Hunter DeNote 3-7 Game of the Week DII-AAA #6 Baylor (1-0) at DII-AAA #2 Ensworth (1-0) Crabtree: Baylor Haines: Ensworth Henson: Baylor Leedham: Ensworth Lutrell: Ensworth Mansfield: Ensworth Elder: Ensworth DeNote: Ensworth Other Games 3A #3 Giles County (1-0) at 5A #8 Nolensville (1-0) Crabtree: Giles County Haines: Nolensville Henson: Nolensville Leedham: Nolensville Lutrell: Nolensville Mansfield: Nolensville Elder: Giles County DeNote: Nolensville 6A #2 Maryville (1-0) at 5A #5 Powell (0-1) (Thu.) Crabtree: Maryville Haines: Maryville Henson: Maryville Leedham: Maryville Lutrell: Maryville Mansfield: Maryville Elder: Maryville DeNote: Maryville DII-A #1 USJ (1-0) at 2A #15 Union City (1-0) Crabtree: USJ Haines: USJ Henson: USJ Leedham: USJ Lutrell: Union City Mansfield: USJ Elder: USJ DeNote: USJ 6A #15 Beech (0-1) at 5A #2 Henry County (1-0) Crabtree: Henry County Haines: Henry County Henson: Henry County Leedham: Henry County Lutrell: Henry County Mansfield: Henry County Elder: Beech DeNote: Henry County 1A #5 Peabody (0-1) at 2A #7 Westview (0-1) Crabtree: Peabody Haines: Peabody Henson: Westview Leedham: Peabody Lutrell: Peabody Mansfield: Peabody Elder: Peabody DeNote: Westview Coffee County (0-1) at 4A #6 Tullahoma (1-0) Crabtree: Tullahoma Haines: Tullahoma Henson: Tullahoma Leedham: Tullahoma Lutrell: Tullahoma Mansfield: Tullahoma Elder: Tullahoma DeNote: Tullahoma 4A #5 Pearl-Cohn (0-1) at DII-AAA #3 MBA (1-0) Crabtree: MBA Haines: MBA Henson: Pearl-Cohn Leedham: MBA Lutrell: MBA Mansfield: MBA Elder: MBA DeNote: MBA 6A #11 Germantown (1-0) at DII-AAA #8 MUS (1-0) Crabtree: MUS Haines: Germantown Henson: MUS Leedham: MUS Lutrell: MUS Mansfield: MUS Elder: MUS DeNote: MUS DII-AA #2 CPA (1-0) at DII-AAA #7 Brentwood Academy (0-1) Crabtree: CPA Haines: CPA Henson: CPA Leedham: CPA Lutrell: Brentwood Academy Mansfield: Brentwood Academy Elder: Brentwood Academy DeNote: CPA

McKenzie Dominates Rival Huntingdon to Open the Season

Last year’s 1A State title runner-up, McKenzie, opened their season with a bang on the road at Huntingdon, with a dominant 34-12 win. HHS deferred the opening kickoff, which 4-star Marquez Taylor returned for a touchdown, giving the Rebels an early 7-0 lead. The Mustangs responded with a drive to their own 47, where the MHS defense prevented a 4th & 1 conversion. Only two plays were necessary for McKenzie to capitalize on the fourth down stop. After an out route dump off to Taylor, quarterback Jackson Cassidy connected with Zach Aird from 33-yards out, giving McKenzie a 14-0 lead with 8:20 left in the first quarter. The Mustangs drove back to their own 47, though a fumble presented Huntingdon with a 2nd & 36, resulting in a punt on 4th & long. The Taylor show continued, with the senior grabbing two back-to-back receptions, though a holding call in the red zone would set back the Rebels to a field goal attempt, which Zach Aird hit from 25-yards out, extending the McKenzie lead to 17-0. The Mustangs answered with a 76-yard Easton Byars catch and run, placing HHS on the Rebel 1-yard line to start the 2nd quarter. Mustang quarterback Gray Eubanks dove in to make it 17-6, with the PAT falling no good. Both teams traded possessions, when a Mustang punt fell to the McKenzie 10-yard line. A high snap put Cassidy in the back of the endzone, where he connected with Zay Webber, who turned the broken play into a 92-yard touchdown, making the McKenzie lead 24-6 with just under 5-minutes remaining in the first half. Huntingdon was unable to create points to open the second half, and a punt set the Rebels at their own 34. After a 3-yard Zay Webber pickup, Jackson Cassidy was flushed out of the pocket, and scampered into a 63-yard touchdown rush, giving the Rebels a commanding 31-6 lead. The Rebels extended their lead late, thanks to an Etijay Tharpe reception to the Mustang 10-yard line. The Huntingdon defense prevented the Rebels from reaching the end zone, sending out Aird to slip in a 33-yard field goal, making the lead 34-6. The Mustangs found a drive with 5-minutes left in the game, grinding the clock down to 19-seconds after a Gray Eubanks dive from a yard out, cutting the final McKenzie lead to 34-12. The Rebels bring an explosive offense into the 2022-23 season and host Chester County this Friday. Huntingdon looks to rebound with a matchup at Jackson South Side.

Strong Run Game Ends Science Hill's Losing Streak Against Elizabethton

Science Hill and Elizabethton can only mean one thing: high school football has officially begun. On Friday, the two programs continued their long history of kicking-off the season together in the second rendition of the newly coined ‘Railroad Rumble.’ Coming into the game, the Cyclones had not lost a battle with the Hilltoppers since the 2017 campaign, including last year’s matchup at ETSU’s William B. Greene Stadium. All it took was 48 minutes on the gridiron, however, and a strong Science Hill run game, to rid the Hilltoppers of their Elizabethton stigma. Prior to Friday’s game, both teams had question marks on both sides of the ball, including at quarterback. Elizabethton coach Shawn Witten ultimately decided on Sophomore Jeriah Griffin to lead the Cyclone offense, with Science Hill coach Stacy Carter giving Junior Jaysahn Swartz the start. The big takeaway from this year’s ‘Rumble was no big play or player, rather the colossal amount of penalties by each team. By the game’s midway point, the teams had combined for over a dozen infractions. “Just too many mistakes,” said Shawn Witten, “but we’ll fix it, we’ll respond and get ourselves better.” The Cyclones would get the ball first, but a promising pass-heavy drive would culminate in a 33-yard missed field goal. Science Hill looked as if they would take advantage of the miscue, but a 3rd and Short pass would be picked off by Cyclone Junior Cam Baker. It wouldn’t be long, however, before Hilltopper Steven Famoyian would return the favor with a pick of his own. “He jumped that route pretty good,” said Stacy Carter, “But hey, we can’t throw much either.” Jaysahn Swartz would capitalize with a goal line option keeper for a touchdown. Max Turan’s PAT was good. The ‘Toppers would extend their lead to 14 in the second quarter, courtesy of a Trevor Whitson score. The first half wouldn’t go quietly, however. With 6 minutes left, Science Hill punted to Cyclone Senior Cade Russell. However, before Russell caught the punt, he was brutally interfered with by the ‘Toppers long-snapper, causing flags to fly and a sizable scuffle to ensue between both benches. Coach Shawn Witten knew the hurt of losing his star Senior return-man. “It’s unfortunate. I thought it could’ve been handled a lot better because that’s not what we do. That’s not our game.” It took the officials over five minutes to make a decision on the brutal hit, but ultimately Science Hill’s starting center would be ejected, and Elizabethton would be predominantly penalized for the scuffle. The play would give the Cyclones a bit of extra momentum, setting Jeriah Griffin up for a 45 yard lob pass to Senior wideout Teddy Orton with 39 seconds remaining in the half. The second half of the contest was slow, sloppy football. Science Hill’s loss of their center proved to be detrimental, as three second half snaps would go over Jaysahn Swartz head. A Max Turan field goal would be the only score of the half, as both teams struggled offensively. A Derrick Smith interception would put the nail in Elizabethton’s week-one coffin. Ultimately, Elizabethton’s lack of experience and strength would prove to be a major fault, with Science Hill taking advantage of their strong offensive line. The Hilltoppers rushed for nearly 200 yards in the contest, showing promise in the new, run-heavy offensive scheme. Elizabethton has a bye next week, before heading to powerhouse Greeneville on the second of September. “We have to work on everything on both sides of the ball, and we have two weeks to do that,” said Shawn Witten. Science Hill hopes to take this momentum moving forward into what Stacy Carter calls “The Gauntlet.” A schedule that includes Anderson County next week, Powell, and Maryville all by September end, Science Hill still has much to work on.

Week 1 Game Picks

Football is finally back, and the slate is loaded for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week. Check out our staff’s picks for week one along with our guest picker, former Ravenwood quarterback, and current Louisiana-Monroe quarterback Brian Garcia’s picks. Standings T-1. Kelsey Crabtree T-1. Hunter DeNote T-1. Cooper Haines T-1. Braedon Henson T-1. Isaac Leedham T-1. Isaac Lutrell T-1. Carter Mansfield T-1. Guest Picker Game of the Week DII-AAA #3 MBA at 6A #3 Ravenwood DeNote: Ravenwood Haines: MBA Henson: MBA Leedham: MBA Lutrell: Ravenwood Mansfield: Ravenwood Garcia: Ravenwood Other Games Science Hill at 4A #3 Elizabethton Crabtree: DeNote: Elizabethton Haines: Elizabethton Henson: Elizabethton Leedham: Elizabethton Lutrell: Elizabethton Mansfield: Elizabethton Garcia: Elizabethton 5A #1 Powell at 4A #4 Anderson County Crabtree: DeNote: Powell Haines: Powell Henson: Powell Leedham: Powell Lutrell: Powell Mansfield: Powell Garcia: Powell 5A #8 Oak Ridge at South-Doyle Crabtree: DeNote: Oak Ridge Haines: Oak Ridge Henson: South-Doyle Leedham: Oak Ridge Lutrell: Oak Ridge Mansfield: Oak Ridge Garcia: Oak Ridge 1A #4 Fayetteville at 2A #10 Watertown Crabtree: DeNote: Fayetteville Haines: Fayetteville Henson: Fayetteville Leedham: Fayetteville Lutrell: Watertown Mansfield: Fayetteville Guest Picker: Watertown 5A #5 Page at 3A #5 Fairview Crabtree: DeNote: Page Haines: Page Henson: Page Leedham: Page Lutrell: Page Mansfield: Page Garcia: Page 5A #4 Henry County at 6A #8 Summit Crabtree: DeNote: Summit Haines: Summit Henson: Summit Leedham: Henry County Lutrell: Henry County Mansfield: Summit Garcia: Summit 6A #6 Independence at DII-AA #3 CPA Crabtree: DeNote: Independence Haines: CPA Henson: CPA Leedham: Independence Lutrell: CPA Mansfield: Independence Garcia: Independence 1A #5 Gordonsville at 3A #9 Smith County (Sat.) Crabtree: DeNote: Gordonsville Haines: Gordonsville Henson: Smith County Leedham: Gordonsville Lutrell: Gordonsville Mansfield: Smith County Garcia: Smith County DII-AAA #10 Christian Brothers at Germantown (Sat.) Crabtree: DeNote: Christian Brothers Haines: Christian Brothers Henson: Christian Brothers Leedham: Christian Brothers Lutrell: Christian Brothers Mansfield: Christian Brothers Garcia: Germantown
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