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Scoring Outburst Gives Ravenwood Win Over JP2

On Friday night, the Ravenwood Raptors found themselves down 21-7 early in the second quarter. After that, they went on a scoring tear, scoring seven consecutive touchdowns en route to a 56-28 victory over JP2. Ravenwood quarterback Chris Parson accounted for 6 total touchdowns on the night.On the ground he scrambled into the endzone on runs of 6, 2, and 17 yards. Through the air he threw touchdown passes of 59, 5, and 74 yards, all of which were highlight reel scores. Both of the 50+ yard touchdowns were thrown to wide receiver Lee Molette, a senior who holds offers from Butler, Valparaiso and UT Martin, among others. Expect his stock to keep rising as a recruit, he's proving game after game he's a legitimate big play threat. Two of the other scores for Ravenwood came from wide receiver Cason Edmondson. His first receiving touchdown was the product of a trick play. It wasn't thrown by Parson, but instead it was his fellow receiver Brenden Dickinson with the 52 yard pass. For Edmondson's next score, he found himself sliding in the back left corner of the endzone after he broke free from coverage after a Parson scramble from 5 yards out. The dagger came early in the fourth quarter. JP2 found themselves in scoring position on the 1 yard line, but Michigan commit Myles Pollard was not having it. He intercepted quarterback Kenny Minchey's pass and returned it 100 yards for a score. Despite struggles in the latter half of the game, JP2 showed promise in the first half. Minchey scored from 2 yards out on a quarterback sneak play for the game's first score. In the second quarter, running back Elijah Robb scored twice on runs of 2 and 51. They'll look to bounce back next week when they host McCallie. Ravenwood will host Independence next week in a key Region 7-6A matchup. With a win they'll clinch the No. 2 seed in the region. "We know it's gonna be a competitive game next week, we can't go in with a big head." Molette said. After next week's matchup, Ravenwood will head into the playoffs, but they don't plan on being done any time soon. "We're getting to where we want to be but we're not there yet. This was a statement win, but we plan on playing five to six more games. That's the plan." Molette said.

Week Ten Game Picks

Week Ten has all you could want and more in a week of high school football with several big time games throughout the state. CPA will take on Lipscomb Academy in one of the season’s most anticipated games thus far. There are also several unique non-region matchups as well including Knoxville Catholic/Powell and Oakland/South Pittsburg on Thursday night and Knoxville West/Maryville on Friday night. Our guest picker this week is former CPA and current University of Alabama freshman offensive lineman Graham Roten. Roten was a part of the 2020 state championship squad for the Lions. Let’s get into our standings and the picks: 1. Carter Mansfield 84-44 2. Cooper Haines 81-47 3. Hunter DeNote 78-50 4. Jake Wallman 77-51 T-5. Isaac Leedham 76-52 T-5. Landen Secrest 76-52 7. Braedon Henson 75-53 8. Guest Picker 74-54 9. Kelsey Crabtree 70-58 10. Jackson Utley 65-63 Game of the Week DII-AA #2 CPA (7-1) at DII-AA #1 Lipscomb Academy (7-1) Mansfield: Lipscomb Academy Haines: Lipscomb Academy DeNote: Lipscomb Academy Wallman: Lipscomb Academy Leedham: Lipscomb Academy Secrest: Lipscomb Academy Henson: CPA Roten: CPA Crabtree: Lipscomb Academy Utley: CPA Other Games DII-AAA #9 Knoxville Catholic (4-3) at 5A #1 Powell (7-1) (Thu.) Mansfield: Powell Haines: Powell DeNote: Powell Wallman: Powell Leedham: Powell Secrest: Powell Henson: Powell Roten: Powell Crabtree: Knoxville Catholic Utley: Powell 6A #1 Oakland (8-0) at 1A #6 South Pittsburg (6-1) (Thu.) Mansfield: Oakland Haines: Oakland DeNote: Oakland Wallman: Oakland Leedham: Oakland Secrest: Oakland Henson: Oakland Roten: Oakland Crabtree: Oakland Utley: Oakland 5A #3 Knoxville West (7-1) at 6A #2 Maryville (8-0) Mansfield: Maryville Haines: Maryville DeNote: Maryville Wallman: Maryville Leedham: Maryville Secrest: Maryville Henson: Maryville Roten: Maryville Crabtree: Maryville Utley: Maryville DII-AAA #5 JP2 (6-2) at 6A #8 Ravenwood (6-2) Mansfield: JP2 Haines: JP2 DeNote: Ravenwood Wallman: JP2 Leedham: Ravenwood Secrest: Ravenwood Henson: JP2 Roten: Ravenwood Crabtree: Ravenwood Utley: Ravenwood DII-AAA #3 MBA (5-3) at DII-AAA #4 Baylor (6-2) Mansfield: MBA Haines: MBA DeNote: MBA Wallman: Baylor Leedham: MBA Secrest: MBA Henson: Baylor Roten: MBA Crabtree: Baylor Utley: Baylor DII-AAA #7 Ensworth (6-2) at DII-AAA #8 Brentwood Academy (5-3) Mansfield: Ensworth Haines: Ensworth DeNote: Ensworth Wallman: Ensworth Leedham: Ensworth Secrest: Ensworth Henson: Brentwood Academy Roten: Ensworth Crabtree: Ensworth Utley: Brentwood Academy 3A #6 Covington (6-1) at 4A #3 Haywood (8-0) Mansfield: Haywood Haines: Haywood DeNote: Haywood Wallman: Haywood Leedham: Haywood Secrest: Haywood Henson: Covington Roten: Haywood Crabtree: Covington Utley: Haywood 5A #2 Memphis Central (8-0) at Christian Brothers (4-4) Mansfield: Christian Brothers Haines: Memphis Central DeNote: Christian Brothers Wallman: Memphis Central Leedham: Christian Brothers Secrest: Christian Brothers Henson: Memphis Central Roten: Christian Brothers Crabtree: Memphis Central Utley: Memphis Central 5A #8 Rhea County (6-2) at 6A #5 Bradley Central (8-0) Mansfield: Bradley Central Haines: Bradley Central DeNote: Bradley Central Wallman: Bradley Central Leedham: Rhea County Secrest: Bradley Central Henson: Rhea County Roten: Bradley Central Crabtree: Bradley Central Utley: Rhea County 5A #13 Station Camp (7-1) at 5A #5 Green Hill (7-1) Mansfield: Green Hill Haines: Station Camp DeNote: Station Camp Wallman: Green Hill Leedham: Green Hill Secrest: Green Hill Henson: Station Camp Roten: Station Camp Crabtree: Station Camp Utley: Green Hill 1A #1 Peabody (7-0) at 2A #8 Huntingdon (6-2) Mansfield: Peabody Haines: Peabody DeNote: Peabody Wallman: Peabody Leedham: Peabody Secrest: Peabody Henson: Huntingdon Roten: Peabody Crabtree: Peabody Utley: Peabody 5A #4 Page (8-0) at Independence (3-5) Mansfield: Independence Haines: Page DeNote: Page Wallman: Page Leedham: Independence Secrest: Page Henson: Independence Roten: Page Crabtree: Independence Utley: Independence 3A #2 Loudon (8-0) at 5A #12 McMinn County (5-3) Mansfield: McMinn County Haines: Loudon DeNote: Loudon Wallman: McMinn County Leedham: McMinn County Secrest: Loudon Henson: Loudon Roten: McMinn County Crabtree: McMinn County Utley: Loudon

Week Ten Class Rankings

6A 1. Oakland 8-0 (1) 2. Maryville 8-0 (2) 3. Summit 8-0 (3) 4. Collierville 8-0 (5) 5. Bradley Central 8-0 (6) 6. Riverdale 7-1 (4) 7. Germantown 6-2 (7) 8. Ravenwood 6-2 (8) 9. Lebanon 7-1 (9) 10. Beech 6-2 (12) 11. Whitehaven 5-3 (13) 12. Hendersonville 5-3 (10) 13. Science Hill 6-3 (14) 14. Rockvale 7-1 (15) 15. Stewarts Creek 4-2 (NR) Dropped Out: Cleveland 5A 1. Powell 7-1 (1) 2. Memphis Central 8-0 (2) 3. Knoxville West 7-1 (3) 4. Page 8-0 (4) 5. Green Hill 7-1 (6) 6. Knoxville Central 5-2 (7) 7. Munford 6-2 (8) 8. Rhea County 6-2 (9) 9. Mt. Juliet 6-2 (10) 10. Springfield 6-2 (11) 11. Dyer County 4-3 (12) 12. McMinn County 5-3 (13) 13. Station Camp 7-1 (5) 14. Brighton 5-3 (14) 15. Karns 6-3 (NR) Dropped Out: Walker Valley 4A 1. Greeneville 9-0 (1) 2. Tullahoma 8-0 (2) 3. Haywood 8-0 (3) 4. Hardin County 8-0 (4) 5. Elizabethton 7-1 (5) 6. Pearl-Cohn 8-1 (6) 7. Upperman 7-1 (7) 8. East Hamilton 6-1 (8) 9. Anderson County 4-4 (9) 10. Jackson North Side 5-3 (10) 11. Montgomery Central 7-1 (12) 12. Marshall County 6-2 (13) 13. South-Doyle 5-3 (14) 14. Chattanooga Central 5-2 (15) 15. Red Bank 4-3 (NR) Dropped Out: South Gibson 3A 1. Alcoa 7-1 (1) 2. Loudon 8-0 (2) 3. Giles County 7-0 (3) 4. Dyersburg 8-0 (4) 5. White House 7-1 (5) 6. Covington 6-1 (6) 7. Waverly 6-1 (7) 8. Kingston 7-1 (8) 9. East Nashville 5-3 (9) 10. Fairview 5-3 (10) 11. Pigeon Forge 5-2 (11) 12. Smith County 4-4 (13) 13. Unicoi County 8-1 (14) 14. Memphis East 5-3 (NR) 15. Trezevant 5-2 (NR) Dropped Out: Signal Mountain, Sequatchie County 2A 1. Meigs County 8-0 (1) 2. Trousdale County 8-0 (2) 3. Marion County 7-0 (3) 4. Westview 7-1 (4) 5. MAHS 7-1 (5) 6. Lewis County 7-1 (6) 7. Riverside 7-1 (7) 8. Huntingdon 6-2 (8) 9. Watertown 5-3 (8) 10. Fairley 7-1 (10) 11. South Greene 7-2 (11) 12. Hampton 5-1 (13) 13. Forrest 6-2 (14) 14. Tyner Academy 6-2 (12) 15. Cascade 8-1 (NR) Dropped Out: Monterey 1A 1. Peabody 7-0 (1) 2. McKenzie 8-0 (3) 3. Clay County 8-0 (4) 4. Fayetteville 7-1 (2) 5. Middle College 7-0 (5) 6. South Pittsburg 6-1 (6) 7. Gordonsville 7-1 (7) 8. Cloudland 7-1 (8) 9. Coalfield 6-2 (9) 10. Dresden 6-2 (10) 11. Cornersville 6-2 (11) 12. Eagleville 4-3 (12) 13. Midway 5-2 (13) 14. Unaka 6-2 (14) 15. McEwen 6-2 (NR) Dropped Out: Gleason DII-AAA 1. McCallie 7-0 (1) 2. Briarcrest 8-0 (2) 3. MBA 5-3 (3) 4. Baylor 6-2 (4) 5. JP2 6-2 (5) 6. MUS 5-3 (6) 7. Ensworth 6-2 (7) 8. Brentwood Academy 5-3 (9) 9. Knoxville Catholic 4-3 (8) 10. Father Ryan 5-4 (10) Dropped Out: None DII-AA 1. Lipscomb Academy 7-1 (1) 2. CPA 7-1 (2) 3. Lausanne 6-0 (3) 4. Knox Webb 5-1 (4) 5. ECS 6-2 (5) 6. CAK 5-2 (6) 7. Silverdale Baptist 7-1 (7) 8. BGA 4-4 (9) 9. Davidson Academy 5-3 (10) 10. Northpoint Christian 4-4 (8) Dropped Out: None DII-A 1. USJ 6-2 (1) 2. Nashville Christian 7-1 (2) 3. DCA 7-1 (3) 4. Friendship Christian 5-3 (4) 5. MTCS 5-3 (5) 6. The King’s Academy 5-3 (6) 7. Jackson Christian 6-2 (7) 8. Franklin Grace 6-2 (8) 9. Clarksville Academy 5-3 (9) 10. Tipton-Rosemark 4-3 (10) Dropped Out: None

Rockvale Clinches Playoff Spot In Shootout Win Over Blackman

The Blackman Blaze and the Rockvale Rockets got together Friday night for another Region 4-6A battle, and it was an absolute shootout. Blackman had lost four of their last five, and needed a win to keep their playoff hopes alive, while the Rockets were looking to stay hot, only falling to Riverdale earlier in the season. After a strong, back and forth first half the Rockets were able to hold off a late surge and beat Blackman, 50-45 to secure the school’s first ever playoff spot. Blackman took the ball first on the opening kickoff, went 70 yards in 11 plays, with senior QB Jack Risner finding Justin Brown for a 31-yard touchdown, followed by a successful two-point conversion. Rockvale would come back with a powerful punch, scoring 20 unanswered points with a 35-yard run from junior Robert Daniel, along with two touchdowns from LaMarcus Nelson. Each team found the endzone twice more, Nelson from four yards and senior quarterback Logan Nowacki from nine yards. Blackman quarterbacks Peyton Thomas and Jack Risner found tight end Ben Marshall for six twice. An offensive shootout produced a 36-24 score at halftime. The Rockets kept up the same tune in the second half with their first two drives ending in touchdowns, the fourth and fifth touchdowns from Nelson. Then things got peculiar in the fourth quarter. Blackman would have touchdowns of 13 yards, 17 yards and 57 yards to make it a 50-45 game with just over two minutes to play. However, the Blaze could not recover the ensuing onside kick, and Rockvale was able to run the clock out holding onto the victory. Blackman struggled stopping Rockvale on the ground all night, as LaMarcus Nelson led the Rockets with well over 200 yards rushing, a part of his school record setting, five-touchdown performance. “We need big, strong guys that like to hit and tackle, and we don’t have a lot of those,” Blackman Head Coach Chandler Tygard said following the game. “They’ve done three years of lifting, Coach Rice does a great job, they’re big, strong and they showed it to our defense.” Rockvale Head Coach Rick Rice is truly building something special two and a half years in at Rockvale. “But having to go to this school, and that is what is kind of hard about the whole situation, building a new school and getting zoned, you’re leaving your friends and stuff. I appreciate those kids so much for coming in and buying in on what we’re doing.” Both teams are back in action October 22nd, Blackman travels to Cookeville and Rockvale travels to Coffee County.

Davidson Academy Makes Statement Over Goodpasture

Davidson Academy has won the last three titles in Division II-A, but now they have moved up to Division II-AA, and are adjusting to the new level of competition. After suffering three consecutive losses, they were looking to get back into the win column on Friday night. They achieved that goal in convincing fashion, beating Goodpasture 46-28. Diivonta Philips started things off for Davidson Academy. He scored on the ground from 20 yards out and also completed a two point conversion pass to his quarterback Knox Roberts. Davidson Academy scored one more time in the opening quarter. Roberts connected with wide receiver Courtland Simmons for a 76 yard highlight reel score. Davidson Academy scored two more times before halftime. Gabe Chaney ran in from 12 yards out to give them their first score of the second quarter. Roberts connected with Simmons yet again, this time for a 79 yard score. Goodpasture was able to get on the board late in the quarter thanks to a 92 yard kick return by Musa Wellman. The halftime score was 29-7, with Davidson Academy leading. Early in the third quarter, Davidson Academy forced their only turnover of the game. Rashad Owens blocked a punt attempt, and Phillips returned it for a touchdown. Goodpasture generated some momentum, but it was not enough. A.J. Brooks and Jaron Elkins each scored once in the quarter. Elkins had a very productive night. He had 23 carries for 160 yards. Roberts and Simmons would connect for a score for a third and final time in the fourth quarter. Roman Mathis also added a 27 yard field goal. The final scoring play of the game would come from Goodpasture. Wellman recovered a blocked punt and returned it for a touchdown. Overall, Simmons was a big part of Davidson Academy's success. Thanks to some great throws by his quarterback, he finished with six receptions for 162 yards and three touchdowns. "I'm thankful I was able to reap the benefits of a great quarterback and great offensive line tonight." Simmons said. "Courtland is just a phenomenal athlete, he can excel at any position, I think his stock is going to continue to grow. He's huge for the team and he's a great young man on top of that." Davidson Academy Head Coach Jonathan Quinn said. Winning the game was important to coach Quinn. In many ways, it was equally important to the players and the team. "Tonight we were able to re-establish ourselves and realize that we are a solid team. Hard work does pay off, and we wanted that to show, we wanted to take that next step. We practiced with energy and executed, the challenge was to do that tonight, and we did." Quinn said. Davidson Academy will travel to face Stratford next week. In the last game of the season, they have a key region game at home vs CPA. Goodpasture will look to bounce back next week at Dekalb County.

Oakland Defense Shines In Win Over Riverdale

The “Battle of the Boro” between Riverdale and Oakland is one the state’s biggest rivalries, and the Patriots dominated defensively in a 24-7 win. In the beginning, it looked like it was going to be an offensive battle, as Oakland drove down and made a field goal on their opening drive, while Riverdale gashed the Oakland defense and scored a touchdown to take an early 7-3 lead. From that point on, the Oakland defense shutdown everything that Riverdale tried to do offensively. “I just thought we tackled a lot better.” Oakland Head Coach Kevin Creasy said “Their running back really gave us a lot of trouble on that first drive, but we didn’t make many adjustments. Our guys just tackled a lot better.” After the quick scoring exchange to open the game, Oakland scored 21 unanswered points in the first half. The first touchdown of this scoring run by the Patriots was a 64-yard touchdown pass from Kade Hewitt to Miami commit Isaiah Horton that seemed to flip all of the momentum to Oakland’s sideline. Horton finished with six catches for 120 yards and a touchdown. Georgia commit Jordan James and CJ Puckett also ran for touchdowns in the first half. “When you play a defense like Riverdale’s you definitely have to spread the wealth.” Creasy said. “They have so many good players on defense, so we had to pick and choose matchups that we liked and luckily that worked out for us.” Both teams went scoreless in the second half to give Oakland a 24-7 victory over the Warriors. The Patriots have now won nine consecutive regular season matchups over Riverdale. Oakland will travel to South Pittsburg on Thursday, while Riverdale will host East Nashville on Friday.

Week Nine Class Rankings

6A 1. Oakland 8-0 (1) 2. Maryville 7-0 (2) 3. Summit 8-0 (3) 4. Riverdale 7-0 (4) 5. Collierville 8-0 (5) 6. Bradley Central 7-0 (6) 7. Germantown 6-2 (7) 8. Ravenwood 6-2 (8) 9. Lebanon 7-1 (9) 10. Hendersonville 5-2 (10) 11. Cleveland 5-2 (11) 12. Beech 5-2 (12) 13. Whitehaven 5-3 (13) 14. Science Hill 5-3 (14) 15. Rockvale 6-1 (15) Dropped Out: None 5A 1. Powell 7-1 (1) 2. Memphis Central 7-0 (2) 3. Knoxville West 6-1 (3) 4. Page 8-0 (4) 5. Station Camp 7-0 (5) 6. Green Hill 7-1 (6) 7. Knoxville Central 5-2 (9) 8. Munford 6-2 (14) 9. Rhea County 5-2 (6) 10. Mt. Juliet 6-2 (7) 11. Springfield 6-2 (10) 12. Dyer County 4-3 (15) 13. McMinn County 4-3 (NR) 14. Brighton 5-3 (NR) 15. Walker Valley 4-3 (NR) Dropped Out: Karns, Wilson Central, David Crockett 4A 1. Greeneville 8-0 (1) 2. Tullahoma 8-0 (2) 3. Haywood 7-0 (3) 4. Hardin County 7-0 (4) 5. Elizabethton 6-1 (5) 6. Pearl-Cohn 7-1 (6) 7. Upperman 6-1 (9) 8. East Hamilton 6-1 (10) 9. Anderson County 4-4 (12) 10. Jackson North Side 4-3 (13) 11. South Gibson 5-2 (14) 12. Montgomery Central 7-1 (7) 13. Marshall County 5-2 (8) 14. South Doyle 5-3 (11) 15. Chattanooga Central 5-2 (NR) Dropped Out: Melrose 3A 1. Alcoa 6-1 (1) 2. Loudon 8-0 (2) 3. Giles County 6-0 (3) 4. Dyersburg 7-0 (4) 5. White House 6-1 (5) 6. Covington 6-1 (6) 7. Waverly 6-1 (8) 8. Kingston 6-1 (9) 9. East Nashville 5-3 (10) 10. Fairview 5-3 (12) 11. Pigeon Forge 4-2 (13) 12. Signal Mountain 5-2 (14) 13. Smith County 3-4 (15) 14. Unicoi County 7-1 (7) 15. Sequatchie County 4-3 (11) Dropped Out: None 2A 1. Meigs County 7-0 (1) 2. Trousdale County 7-0 (2) 3. Marion County 6-0 (3) 4. Westview 7-1 (4) 5. MAHS 6-1 (6) 6. Lewis County 6-1 (7) 7. Riverside 6-1 (9) 8. Huntingdon 6-2 (5) 9. Watertown 5-3 (10) 10. Fairley 7-1 (11) 11. South Greene 6-2 (12) 12. Tyner Academy 6-1 (8) 13. Hampton 5-1 (13) 14. Forrest 5-2 (14) 15. Monterey 5-2 (15) Dropped Out: None 1A 1. Peabody 6-0 (1) 2. Fayetteville 7-0 (2) 3. McKenzie 8-0 (3) 4. Clay County 7-0 (5) 5. Middle College 6-0 (6) 6. South Pittsburg 5-1 (7) 7. Gordonsville 7-1 (4) 8. Cloudland 6-1 (8) 9. Coalfield 6-2 (9) 10. Dresden 6-2 (10) 11. Cornersville 5-2 (11) 12. Eagleville 3-3 (15) 13. Midway 4-2 (NR) 14. Unaka 5-2 (NR) 15. Gleason 4-3 (12) Dropped Out: McEwen, Lake County DII-AAA 1. McCallie 6-0 (1) 2. Briarcrest 8-0 (2) 3. MBA 5-3 (5) 4.Baylor 5-2 (6) 5. JP2 5-2 (7) 6. MUS 4-3 (8) 7. Ensworth 6-2 (3) 8. Knoxville Catholic 4-2 (4) 9. Brentwood Academy 5-3 (9) 10. Father Ryan 5-3 (10) Dropped Out: None DII-AA 1. Lipscomb Academy 7-1 (1) 2. CPA 7-1 (2) 3. Lausanne 5-0 (3) 4. Knoxville Webb 5-1 (4) 5. ECS 5-2 (6) 6. CAK 5-2 (7) 7. Silverdale Baptist 6-1 (4) 8. Northpoint Christian 4-3 (9) 9. BGA 4-4 (8) 10. Davidson Academy 4-3 (10) Dropped Out: None DII-A 1. USJ 5-2 (1) 2. Nashville Christian 6-1 (2) 3. DCA 6-1 (3) 4. Friendship Christian 4-3 (4) 5. Middle Tennessee Christian 4-3 (5) 6. The King’s Academy 5-3 (6) 7. Jackson Christian 5-2 (7) 8. Franklin Grace 6-2 (9) 9. Clarksville Academy 5-3 (8) 10. Tipton-Rosemark 3-3 (NR) Dropped Out: Harding Academy

MBA Makes Statement Over Rival Ensworth

Last week, MBA Quarterback Marcel Reed did not play in the 2nd half of their matchup against JP2 due to a rib injury. Despite that, MBA was still able to pull off the big win.. On Friday night, he played all four quarters, leading MBA to a convincing 30-14 win over rival Ensworth. Reed, a four-star recruit, holds offers from Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Louisville among other Power 5 schools. Reed’s status heading into this week was uncertain. MBA spent most of the week preparing Colin Kerrigan to take snaps. “I wasn’t really prepared to play a lot. I didn’t practice much during the week. I only threw a couple of times. We were preparing Colin, and he was learning and perfecting everything. But before the game I felt good, I told coach, and he let me come out and play.” Reed said. “We were a little worried beforehand because we didn’t know if he was going to play, but gutted it out. He’s got some sore ribs, but he played well.” Head Coach Marty Euverard said. Reed was 13-21 for 142 yards with one passing and rushing touchdown on the night. MBA Running Back Rhett Hayles helped relieve some of the pressure off Reed by rushing for 115 yards on 21 carries, scoring once on the ground. Overall, MBA had a very balanced performance from their offense, defense, and even the special teams unit. An unsung hero for the night was kicker Wren Jacobs. He nailed three field goals. MBA wanted to secure a win over their rival, but they also wanted to send a message. “We knew this was going to be a big game because of the rivalry, but we really wanted to make a statement. We want everyone to know that we’re one of the best teams in the state and we’re coming for them.” Reed said. MBA has one of the toughest schedules in the entire state, and they’ll look to continue their winning streak as the regular season comes to a close. In the final two weeks they’ll travel to face Baylor and Knoxville Catholic. “We’re really growing up and I think we’re maturing. Hopefully we can keep building and gaining momentum.” Euverard said. Despite the loss, Ensworth put up a valiant effort. Quarterback Levi Moore was 17-28 for 186 yards, connecting with Charles Ingram and Shamar Porter for scores. They’ll look to bounce back next week against Brentwood Academy.

Station Camp Continues Undefeated Run With Upset Of Mt. Juliet

Mt. Juliet entered Friday night’s matchup with Station Camp ranked number one in 5A. That ranking will be no more as the Bison pulled out a gutsy 28-27 upset win over the previously top-ranked Golden Bears. Station Camp trailed for a majority of the game, including a 27-13 deficit going into the fourth quarter. The Bison scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, followed by a gutsy 2-pt conversion to take the lead “Our guys stayed positive and kept their confidence.” Station Camp Head Coach Brent Alexander said. “All week, I’ve compared Mt. Juliet to a big oak tree. It’s not going to come down if you only swing once, you have to keep swinging over and over again, and that’s what our guys did tonight.”

Week Eight Game Picks

Even with a high number of schools on their bye week due to fall break, there are still plenty of great games on the week eight slate. The no-doubt game of the week is Thursday’s matchup between defending state champions in their respective classes, as CPA will travel to Murfreesboro to take on Oakland. Our guest picker is CPA alumnus Paul Adams. Adams played football at CPA in high school, went on to play for Missouri in college, and has spent time with the Titans, Browns, and Washington in the NFL. Let’s get into our standings and the picks for this week: 1. Carter Mansfield 63-35 T-2. Braedon Henson 57-41 T-2. Hunter DeNote 57-41 T-4. Cooper Haines 56-42 T-4. Landen Secrest 56-42 T-6. Jake Wallman 55-43 T-6. Isaac Leedham 55-43 8. Guest Picker 53-45 9. Kelsey Crabtree 49-49 10. Jackson Utley 46-52 Game of the Week DII-AA #2 CPA (7-0) at 6A #1 Oakland (7-0) Mansfield: Oakland Henson: Oakland DeNote: Oakland Haines: Oakland Secrest: Oakland Wallman: Oakland Leedham: Oakland Adams: CPA Crabtree: Oakland Utley: Oakland Other Games DII-AA #1 Lipscomb Academy (6-1) at DII-AAA #4 Knoxville Catholic (4-1) Mansfield: Lipscomb Academy Henson: Knoxville Catholic DeNote: Lipscomb Academy Haines: Lipscomb Academy Secrest: Lipscomb Academy Wallman: Lipscomb Academy Leedham: Lipscomb Academy Adams: Lipscomb Academy Crabtree: Lipscomb Academy Utley: Knoxville Catholic DII-AAA #3 Ensworth (6-1) at DII-AAA #5 MBA (4-3) Mansfield: Ensworth Henson: Ensworth DeNote: Ensworth Haines: Ensworth Secrest: Ensworth Wallman: Ensworth Leedham: MBA Adams: Ensworth Crabtree: Ensworth Utley: MBA 1A #4 Gordonsville (7-0) at 2A #2 Trousdale County (6-0) Mansfield: Trousdale County Henson: Trousdale County DeNote: Trousdale County Haines: Trousdale County Secrest: Trousdale County Wallman: Gordonsville Leedham: Trousdale County Adams: Trousdale County Crabtree: Gordonsville Utley: Trousdale County 4A #7 Montgomery Central (7-0) at 4A #2 Tullahoma (7-0) Mansfield: Tullahoma Henson: Tullahoma DeNote: Tullahoma Haines: Tullahoma Secrest: Tullahoma Wallman: Tullahoma Leedham: Tullahoma Adams: Tullahoma Crabtree: Tullahoma Utley: Tullahoma 5A #6 Rhea County (5-1) at 4A #5 Elizabethton (5-1) Mansfield: Elizabethton Henson: Elizabethton DeNote: Elizabethton Haines: Rhea County Secrest: Elizabethton Wallman: Elizabethton Leedham: Elizabethton Adams: Elizabethton Crabtree: Elizabethton Utley: Elizabethton 2A #8 Tyner Academy (6-0) at 2A #3 Marion County (5-0) Mansfield: Marion County Henson: Marion County DeNote: Marion County Haines: Marion County Secrest: Marion County Wallman: Marion County Leedham: Tyner Academy Adams: Tyner Academy Crabtree: Marion County Utley: Tyner Academy 4A #6 Pearl-Cohn (6-1) at 4A #8 Marshall County (5-1) Mansfield: Pearl-Cohn Henson: Marshall County DeNote: Pearl-Cohn Haines: Pearl-Cohn Secrest: Pearl-Cohn Wallman: Pearl-Cohn Leedham: Pearl-Cohn Adams: Pearl-Cohn Crabtree: Pearl-Cohn Utley: Pearl-Cohn 5A #12 Wilson Central (5-2) at 5A #5 Station Camp (6-0) Mansfield: Station Camp Henson: Station Camp DeNote: Station Camp Haines: Station Camp Secrest: Station Camp Wallman: Station Camp Leedham: Station Camp Adams: Station Camp Crabtree: Station Camp Utley: Wilson Central Cane Ridge (4-3) at John Overton (5-2) Mansfield: Cane Ridge Henson: Overton DeNote: Cane Ridge Haines: Cane Ridge Secrest: Overton Wallman: Cane Ridge Leedham: Cane Ridge Adams: Cane Ridge Crabtree: Cane Ridge Utley: Cane Ridge 2A #5 Huntingdon (6-1) at 2A #4 Westview (6-1) Mansfield: Westview Henson: Huntingdon DeNote: Westview Haines: Huntingdon Secrest: Westview Wallman: Westview Leedham: Westview Adams: Westview Crabtree: Westview Utley: Westview DII-AA #4 Silverdale Baptist (6-0) at DII-AA #5 Knoxville Webb (4-1) Mansfield: Silverdale Baptist Henson: Knoxville Webb DeNote: Knoxville Webb Haines: Knoxville Webb Secrest: Silverdale Baptist Wallman: Knoxville Webb Leedham: Knoxville Webb Adams: Knoxville Webb Crabtree: Silverdale Baptist Utley: Knoxville Webb DII-A #9 Franklin Grace (5-2) at DII-A #8 Clarksville Academy (5-2) Mansfield: Clarksville Academy Henson: Clarksville Academy DeNote: Franklin Grace Haines: Clarksville Academy Secrest: Clarksville Academy Wallman: Clarksville Academy Leedham: Clarksville Academy Adams: Clarksville Academy Crabtree: Clarksville Academy Utley: Clarksville Academy 1A #8 Cloudland (5-1) at 3A #7 Unicoi County (7-0) Mansfield: Unicoi County Henson: Cloudland DeNote: Unicoi County Haines: Cloudland Secrest: Unicoi County Wallman: Unicoi County Leedham: Cloudland Adams: Cloudland Crabtree: Cloudland Utley: Cloudland 6A #12 Beech (4-2) at 5A #10 Springfield (5-1) Mansfield: Beech Henson: Beech DeNote: Springfield Haines: Beech Secrest: Springfield Wallman: Springfield Leedham: Springfield Adams: Beech Crabtree: Beech Utley: Beech

MBA Holds On To Defeat JP2 Despite Marcel Reed Injury

Despite a furious late rally from JP2, MBA was able to pull out a huge region win over the Knights. The pre-game buzz was immense, as MBA’s homecoming festivities attracted a full stadium of fans with both teams knowing how critical the game was. All were excited to see what one of the most dynamic offenses in the state could do against a formidable MBA defense. MBA flexed its offensive muscles early, as Marcel Reed completed two deep passes to move the ball inside the redzone. Senior Rhett Hayles would then make multiple defenders miss en route to a 16 yard touchdown to put the Big Red up 7-0m just over a minute into the game. The subsequent MBA offensive drive was jump started by an impressive Reed scramble that went for 30 yards. Rhett Hayles would get his second touchdown of the game as he would power the ball in from two yards out. The Big Red defense then made a huge play as three players combined to force a fumble, which they recovered to set the offense up in great field position at the end of the first quarter. Things looked as if they could get out of hand early. The Knights’ defense knew they would need to come up with a huge stop in order to keep the game close. They could not stop the Big Red initially, as MBA would find themselves inside the five with a first and goal. They tried three straight runs, but were denied which set up a fourth and goal from the three. Reed rolled out on a bootleg but could not find any receivers and the Knights’ defense got the stop they needed. The bad news did not end there for the Big Red as Marcel Reed would not return after suffering an arm injury on the play. MBA would get the ball back on the plus side of the field but once again, they could not punch the ball in. Big Red kicker Wren Jacobs would make a 22 yarder to extend the lead to 17-0. Minchey would hit a couple of passes on the next drive to move the Knights across midfield. Although they could not threaten to get in the endzone, they would get on the board with a Andrew Southard 44-yard field goal to make it 17-3, which denied the Big Red defense a chance at six straight shutout quarters. Early in the second half, the Knights would finally find the endzone, as Minchey would start to move the ball by finding his favorite target in wide receiver Colin Cook to cut the lead to 17-10. MBA started to move the ball on their next drive as backup quarterback Colin Kerrigan would find Claiborne Richards on a pair of big passes to set up the Big Red in a goal to go situation. A bad exchange on the handoff would give the Knights the ball back and keep the Big Red from regaining a crucial two possession advantage. On their ensuing offensive possession, MBA started to ground and pound as they moved their way into JP2 territory. The JP2 came up with a huge stop on third and one which forced a Wren Jacobs 44-yard field goal that was missed. JP2 would once again kick the offense into gear as they would use Minchey’s legs to move themselves across midfield. Cook would come wide open on a seam route as he would catch a deep ball from Minchey to tie up the game. JP2 would quickly get the ball back. The Big Red defensive line would stuff JP2 on two straight running plays before senior linebacker Coleman Roddey made a tremendous play on a tunnel screen pass to force a JP2 punt and give their offense another chance. Head Coach Marty Euvard threw in a couple of jet sweeps to open up the run game, which resulted in two straight big plays for both running back Rhett Hayles and wide receiver Jack Spellman. The drive featured no throwing plays, as runs by Hayles and Jonathon Moore brought MBA inside the ten yard line, where they set up a 30 yard field goal for Jacobs. Jacobs would nail the kick to give MBA the 20-17 lead with just over two minutes remaining. JP2 had one final chance to tie up the game. After two incompletions and a holding penalty, Minchey would be faced with a third and 17 where he would connect with Stephen Carter to pick up the first down. After a first down spike and an incompletion, the Big Red defensive line almost sacked Minchey but crucially forced him into a two yard scramble which forced the Knights into a fourth and 8. Minchey would look to find Cook over the middle but senior cornerback Takis Patikis and junior safety Payne Daniel would force an incompletion to seal a win for the Big Red. While it was not a shutout, the Big Red defense’s holding JP2’s high-powered offense to 17 points was certainly impressive. The JP2 defense showed a lot of resilience as they held MBA to only 3 points on the Big Red’s three trips inside the 5 yard line. The MBA offense struggled without Reed as they managed only six points after his injury. MBA will host Ensworth next week in a non-region game, while JP2 will have a bye next week before traveling to Knoxville Catholic on October 15th in a region matchup.

Knoxville Catholic Wins Thriller Over Father Ryan In Region Battle

Friday night’s battle between DII-AAA foes Father Ryan and Knoxville Catholic came down to the wire, resulting in a 35-33 victory for Knoxville Catholic. It was a back-and-forth affair all night that began with Father Ryan quickly driving down and scoring on their opening offensive drive. The theme of the night for Knoxville Catholic was responding to every big play from Father Ryan with a big play of their own, as Keondre Jarmon broke off one of his three touchdowns on the night from 80-yards out to immediately tie the game up at 7-7. “We didn’t do a great job responding to adversity two weeks ago against McCallie.” Knoxville Catholic Head Coach Korey Mobbs said. “We had a bye week last week, and we really worked to clean some things up, so it’s fun to see your kids improve and respond like they did tonight.” Father Ryan scored a quick 13 points to take a 20-7 lead in the first half. As they did all night, the visiting Irish responded with another touchdown by Jarmon to cut the Father Ryan lead to 20-14 going into halftime. Jarmon was phenomenal for Knoxville Catholic in this one, rushing for 156 yards on 19 carries, with three touchdowns on the night. After a shaky performance in the first half, the Knoxville Catholic defense stepped up in a big way in the second half. The first of two defensive touchdowns came early in the third quarter, as a scoop and score gave Knoxville Catholic their first lead of the game at 21-20. Jarmon would add his third touchdown of the night on the ensuing offensive possession to extend the Knoxville Catholic lead to 28-20. Father Ryan responded in a huge way, as Matthew Derrick found James Reed III on a screen pass that Reed took 80 yards for a touchdown to cut the Knoxville Catholic lead to 28-27 in the third quarter. Father Ryan got a quick three-and-out from their defense and looked to have all the momentum. As they did all night, Knoxville Catholic responded with another big play, this one a pick six by senior defensive back Javis Mynatt. Knoxville Catholic’s seniors proved to be the difference maker in this one, with a massive play from Mynatt and a huge overall performance from Jarmon. “Our seniors are a great group of kids. When I took this job in April they opened me with open arms.” Mobbs said. “From day one they have been leaders, so it’s fun to watch them win a game like this where our backs were against the wall.” Defense was the story in the fourth quarter, as both teams were held scoreless until the final drive for Father Ryan. The Irish drove the ball down and scored with under a minute left to cut the Knoxville Catholic lead to 35-33. Father Ryan botched the snap on the two-point conversion attempt, sealing a massive region win for Knoxville Catholic. Father Ryan will look to rebound Thursday night as they host Clarksville Northeast, while Knoxville Catholic will host Lipscomb Academy Friday night.

Stingy Defensive Effort Carries Rockvale To First Home Region Win

Rutherford County’s two newest high schools, the Stewarts Creek Red Hawks and the Rockvale Rockets, met for the first time on the football field Friday night. It was only right that the two met as region opponents and it came down to the wire, with Rockvale taking the 19-14 win. The first quarter was a back-and-forth battle with both teams punting a combined four times. The lone points came from Rockvale running back LaMarcus Nelson, as he broke free for a 36-yard touchdown to give the Rockets a 7-0 lead. The second quarter was much more explosive, as both team’s offenses picked it up with 26 combined points. Rockets senior quarterback Logan Nowacki provided two scores, one a nine-yard scamper and a 55-yard touchdown pass to Nelson. Red Hawks senior running back Gabe Walker would contribute with two scores of his own, a weaving 39-yard run and a one-yard run with 14 seconds to play till halftime. The second half, however, was once again a defensive battle. Rockvale drove inside the Stewarts Creek 30 yard line before the Red Hawks stiffened, blocking a Rocket’s field goal attempt. Stewarts Creek would miss a 56-yard field goal of their own early in the fourth quarter to keep it at 19-14. Stewarts Creek’s last gasp came with a fourth and short near midfield, with under five minutes to play. Two backbreaking delay of game calls stalled the drive, however. Rockvale took the ensuing punt, riding Nelson down field, and ran out the clock to victory. Rockvale Head Coach Rick Rice credits his team’s hard-nosed defensive effort. “The thing that I think has helped us in a lot of ways, it’s our third year, and I’ve kept our coaching staff intact. We have maybe lost two or three coaches going elsewhere, but for the most part we’ve kept our coaches intact. I think the continuity was huge to be able to do that.” Stewarts Creek Head Coach Brian Caudill said the two delay of game penalties were on him. “Without a play clock, we just struggled seeing the back hand. That’s on me to make sure we're better in those situations.” Both teams have open dates next week. Region play picks back up in two weeks as Stewarts Creek (3-4, 1-2) hosts Siegel, while Rockvale (6-1, 2-1) hosts Blackman.
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